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Live Roulette Themes Online

Live Roulette

Live Roulette is the favourite casino game for a lot of casino players. In the past, there were just a couple of options to play roulette with live dealers online like European live roulette or French Live roulette.

However, the live roulette themes/styles that someone can find and play online have increased in the last few years mainly due to the fact that live casinos are becoming increasingly popular and the number one choice for online casino players.

On this page you can find the most popular live roulette types that someone can play online.

From the classic European roulette to the most recent Prestige and Immersive roulette.

Of course the rules are the same regardless which live roulette type you chose to play.

The main differences have to do with roulette table layout, customization and enhanced video (HD cameras, slow motion replays etc). Also, lte’s not forget there are some low stakes roulette tables as well as high roller roulette tables.

Enjoy 🙂

Most Popular Live Roulette Types Online

European Live Roulette

live roulette types: european live roulette

This is the classic and most popular type of live roulette online. Actually this classic European live roulette layout is used for most of the other types of roulette we find online. The classic European roulette is simple, has many features like bet race track for neighbors and special bets and can be found in every single Live Casino online.

French Live Roulette

live roulette types: French live roulette

French roulette with live dealers is another classic type of roulette we find in most live casinos online. French and European live roulette have a very similar wheel. However, in French Roulette there’s the La Partage rule, whereby a player loses only half their money if the ball lands on an unmarked zero.

Immersive Live Roulette

live roulette types: Immersive Roulette from playetch

This is one of the latest additions in the online live roulette landscape by Evolution Gaming and has already managed to win an award by EGR “Game of the Year 2014” – voted by operators of the sector.  Immersive roulette has multiple cameras covering the roulette wheel so players can follow every move of the ball, HD video, slow motion replays and a close up of the live dealer as well. All in all this is a brilliant live roulette type and definitely one to stay.

Prestige Live Roulette

Prestige Roulette is another recent modern addition to the live roulette styles that someone can find online today. Prestige live roulette is set in a neon-lit environment and similarly to Immersive  roulette, it enables players to get closer to the action and the dealer with the game replicating a real-life, one-on-one casino experience.  Multiple cameras and replays of the wins and Quick-fire bet  are some of the features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Exclusive VIP Live Roulette

live roulette types: exclusive roulette high limits

This type of live roulette is actually no different to classic live roulette with regards to bet types, rules and payouts. The main difference are the higher betting limits and the branded tables that some live casinos offer.

If you are a high roller or just fancy a bit of high roller experience than you can find these kind of tables in many online casinos.

UK Live Roulette

UK live roulette game is dedicated to UK casinos so we couldnt leave Live Roulette UK tables out of the list. UK live roulette is like many other types a live European roulette game with the difference that is broadcasted live from the UK and specifically from London. That is why in some live casinos we might find it as London Roulette.

Double Ball Live Roulette

double ball live roulette by evolution gaming

Not a very well known type of live roulette but we still find it in many online casinos. Double Ball Roulette offers an exciting variation to the traditional game of roulette by using two balls instead of one for every spin. Of course because we have two balls spinning the payouts are different.

Dual Play Live Roulette

dual roulette

This live roulette type is one of the most recent additions from Evolution Gaming that combines online and land based live roulette. In simple terms the roulette game is broadcasted from a land based casino where online players can just join the game.

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