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Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette Live

Double Ball roulette is another exclusive Evolution live roulette game and as the name implies it is a roulette game with 2 balls!

This is a unique and innovative live dealer roulette variant that we could previously find only in some land-based casinos in Las Vegas. We have seen Double Ball roulette games in various land-based casinos in Las Vegas in the past with the first one being Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort back in 2014.

But this is the first time that this game has been introduced online with live dealers by Evolution in 2016.

Double Ball Roulette is considered a low stakes roulette table with a minimum bet of £0.25.

What is Live Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette is a European roulette with two balls spinning at the same time. It is a single zero roulette wheel with 2 winning numbers on every spin!

The dealer pops the balls into the shooting mechanism and pushes a button to fire both around the wheel rim.

Live Dealer putting balls in the tube in  Double Ball Roulette

Why are the balls not hitting one another?

The first thing that everyone wonders about Double Ball roulette is how are the balls not colliding with each other?

The reason that there is no collision is that the balls are shot by compressed air with 1-second difference from each other.

Because the energy from the compressed air that shoots the balls is the same, the speed is the same and the balls keep a steady distance between each other.

How to play Double ball roulette

The betting layout is more or less the same as any other standard roulette table. If you place a bet on the inside bets, you have two chances to win, but the payout is lower. If you bet on the outside bets, both balls must-win, but the pays are more.

Double Ball Roulette Bets and Odds

Because there are 2 balls in play, there are some differences compared to the traditional live roulette variants that have been introduced in the last few years like Immersive Roulette, Prestige Roulette or even Double Play Roulette.

Live Double Ball Roulette Winning Numbers

In Double Ball Roulette there are more bets available and more wins per spin and pay-outs go all the way up to 1,300 to 1 if both balls hit the same number.

The chances to win inside bets are doubled. However, this means that chances to win outside bets are reduced (halved). If you place an outside bet, then you win only if both balls land on your betting position. So any bets on red/black, Odd/Even etc are winning bets only if both balls land on these positions.

Additional Bets compared to standard Roulette

There are 2 additional bets compared to the traditional roulette tables.

  • Players can bet on one of the balls to land on Red and the other Black
  • Players can bet on both balls to land on the same number

Called Bets

Like in many other roulette tables, there is an option on this Roulette table for called bets. Players can bet on Neighbour, Voizins du Zero, Orphelins etc.

Double Ball Outside Bets and Inside Bets Odds

Below are the outside bets where you can win if both balls land on that pocket

Outside BetPayout
On chosen number1300:1
Any Number35:1
Column or Dozen8:1
Odd or Even, Red or Black3:1
1-18, 19-363:1
Red and Black1:1

Below are the inside bets where you can win if only one ball lands on that pocket

Inside BetPayout
Straight Up17:1
Split 8:1

What are the chances of both balls hitting the same number?

If we use some simple maths we can calculate the chances of both balls hitting the same number in Double Ball Roulette.

There is a 1/37 chance for ball one and a 1/37 chance for the second ball. If we multiply these we have 1 / 1369 chance for both balls to land on the same number. As you can see this is not very likely and considering the fact that one ball runs behind the other on the roulette wheel with a second difference this makes it a very rare chance.

 both balls land on the same number
Both Balls landing on number 4

However, if you are lucky enough to win this bet the casino will pay you 1300/1 which is the max payout. This means that the casino house edge for the particular bet is more or less 5%.

Casinos with Double Ball Roulette

As Double Ball Roulette Live is a game by Evolution, we can find it in many online casinos that are hosting games from this software provider.

So if you are looking for a table with a different spin then Double Ball Roulette online might be a good choice.

double ball live roulette dealer

Double Ball Roulette FAQ

How to play Double Ball Roulette online?

You can play Double Ball Roulette the same way you play traditional roulette. Just place your chips on the betting positions you like but be aware that odds and payouts are different because there are 2 balls spinning.

Is Live Double Ball Roulette a European or American roulette?

The live dealer version of Double Ball Roulette online is a European style roulette. The American style Double Ball Roulette is mainly used in land-based casinos.

Can both balls land on the same number in Live Double Ball Roulette?

Yes, both balls can land on the same number and the payout for that is 1300:1. We cover fully how this is possible in our article.