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Age of Gods Live Roulette

Age of Gods live roulette

After the huge success that the Age of Gods slots series has seen, Playtech decided to take live casino and slots combination to the next level.


Just by combining their Age of Gods Tiered Progressive Jackpot to a live roulette table! So back in September 2017, Playtech has unveiled Age of the Gods Live Roulette with a four-tiered progressive jackpot.

Is there a difference between Age of Gods live Roulette and the standard live roulette tables?

There is no difference in the actual gameplay between the standard live roulette UK and the Age of Gods live roulette table. The odds are the same as usual, the live dealer spins the ball and the roulette wheel is the usual wheel.

 Age of the Gods Live Roulette winning number

However, there are a couple of other differences that have to do with the presentation of the game and the extra Jackpot feature:

The theme

Obviously, because we are talking about an “Age of Gods” game, the roulette room is decorated around this theme.

One of the most impressive new elements is a state-of-the-art 26m custom-built video wall that further enhances gameplay.

There you can see images of the Age of Gods theme as well as real-time information on jackpot winners and promotions.

Age of Gods live roulette Progressive Jackpot

Age of Gods live roulette jackpot contribution

Since you are playing at a live roulette table with a Jackpot, you need to contribute to this Jackpot right?

For every bet you make, you pay an additional 1% of that bet. So for a bet of £10 in total, you will pay £10.1 for a total bet of £20 you will pay £20.2 etc

Players have the chance to not only win on the table if they hit the right number, a combination of numbers or colour but also to simultaneously win huge cash sums across a four-tier jackpot with every spin of the wheel.

All players playing this table, across multiple participating casinos will be contributing to the jackpot pool (10% of total stake as we mentioned above) until being won, at which point they reset to their seed values.

Age of Gods live Roulette with Jackpot Screen

The 4 progressive jackpots, and their seed values:

Power: €50
Extra Power: €500
Super Power: €5,000
Ultimate Power: €100,000

The 4 progressive jackpots on the network can be won randomly on every spin. If you trigger the Jackpot play, similarly to what happens when you play any Age of Gods slot game you will be taken to another game screen.

The aim of this game is to match 3 jackpot symbols by flipping the 20 presented coins. The first jackpot you match 3 times, you win.

So if you are a fan of The Age of Gods series slots, or you are a Jackpot chaser or even you just want to play live roulette with a different twist, then this table is for you!

Where can you play Age of Gods Live Roulette

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