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Live Football Roulette

Live football roulette table

Live roulette has many fans and it is one of the most popular casino games, if not the most popular. Football is also one of the most popular sports, if not the most popular sport! So what better from a live football roulette table!

What is live football roulette

Live football roulette is a new roulette game with live dealers. Playtech has introduced this roulette table in 2018 and is now becoming a very popular choice for roulette players that are also football fans!


Because players can enjoy a few rounds of roulette while watching the latest football scores updates, checking stats, tables and many more. The live roulette dealer is also commenting and chatting about the live football updates and so can the players via the chat facility.

Live football roulette fixtures

In other words, the live football roulette table is like a football forum for roulette players.

Where you can play Live Football Roulette

Here are some of the best live casinos that we have shortlisted for you!

Football Live Roulette is considered a low stakes roulette as the minimum bet is £0.50

Don’t miss out on football while playing Live Roulette! Take a seat, play roulette and get live football updates and commentary at a football-themed Live Roulette table available 24/7.

The table gets very busy over the weekend when there are many football games on as you can imagine.

Definitely a great addition to the live casino tables that we can find online and a table that will become one of the most popular ones.

A live roulette table full of football stats

As we have already mentioned there are all sorts of stats about the football matches that are live but also about upcoming games, standing, teams, players, comparisons, statistics, venues etc.

Live football roulette stats

The live dealer will go through these statistics as the conversation develops around a game or a league or even a player. But you can always ask for the live dealer to check something for you.

The live dealers on this table are also football fans so they are up to speed with all the latest results and all the big games. Therefore you can discuss anything football relates with them. Ask them who is their favourite player, what they thought about the last derby or anything else that you want to chat about.

Table limits start from 0.50 and go up to £1,000 for straight-up bets.

Live Football Roulette Relaunched in 2020

Update: in September 2020 Playtech has relaunched its successful Live Football Roulette game as part of its new sports-themed Let’s Play studio, with a brand-new Goal Side Bet feature.

Goal Side Bet feature

Live Football roulette now features a new side bet called Goal Side Bet.

When a player makes a Goal Bet, here are 5 neighbouring numbers that are selected randomly. If the ball lands on one of these numbers then the player wins with a multiplier from 3x up to 100x!

Some people mix up this table with football roulette studio by Evolution gaming. This is a totally different game and Football roulette studio is a card game.