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Speed Roulette Live – Bet every 25 seconds

Speed Roulette Live

Speed Roulette Live is an innovative and amazing live roulette UK game. This roulette table comes with multiple camera angles, an HD feed and of course a user-friendly interface.

The roulette wheel that is used by Evolution Gaming for their speed roulette table is designed by TCSJOHNHUXLEY and the game is available on desktop, tablet and smartphone portrait and landscape.

The minimum bet for Speed Roulette Live is £0.50 and the RTP is 97.3%

So this is a great table if you are looking for a fast-paced low stakes roulette table.

Why is it called Speed Roulette?

As the name suggests the main characteristic of this table is speed and it is ideal for players that want to play a lot of rounds in a short period of time. It is one of those live roulette games that players will either love or hate. Not everyone wants to be rushed to place their next bet but some players just love the fact that they can play more spins compared to the classic version.

What really makes Live Speed Roulette stand out from other roulette variations is the fact that there is only a 25-second waiting time between rounds!

Speed Roulette Live Dealer
Speed Roulette Table by Evolution Gaming

This speed enhancement means that players can play around 50 extra game rounds per hour compared to the standard Evolution live roulette tables and even the Immersive roulette table.

How do you play Speed Roulette Live

There are no differences between the standard live roulette tables and the speed live roulette table. As we have already mentioned the only thing that is different in this live roulette variation is the speed of the game.

There is no “dead time” between the spins so as soon as the ball lands on a number, you have around 25 seconds to place your next bet. The live dealer actually starts the next round as soon the number is captured. No time wasting for the live dealer or the players.

This is the reason that most players that play on this table prefer to use the “autoplay”. That way they don’t accidentally miss any betting rounds.

Speed Roulette Live - Alternative Camera View

Apart from the speed, all the other features of the game are the usual ones that we can find in every European roulette table. The layout is exactly the same as any other roulette table with a racetrack, favourite or special bets, autoplay, stats etc.

There are no changes to the core game rules or odds either. Same bet types, same odds, same layout. It is just a much faster version of the classic roulette game.

So overall, Speed roulette is a standard roulette table with the additional feature of speed makes it ideal for players that want to play many more rounds!

Where you can play this game

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