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Quantum Roulette Live

quantum roulette 3 multipliers

Quantum Roulette is a live roulette variant by Playtech. The game was launched in September 2019 and has been really successful since then. Quantum Roulette by Playtech is the answer to Lightning Roulette by Evolution gaming.

The two games have many similarities with Quantum roulette going the extra mile with the Quantum Boost” and Quantum Leap feature.

What is Quantum Roulette

Live Quantum Roulette is based in a high-detail immersive studio and is designed with interactive studio elements to deliver a combination of visual appeal and innovative gameplay which makes it one of the best live roulette tables.

The special feature of this game is the multipliers. Up to five multipliers from 50x to 500x appear on random numbers in every game round while the Quantum Boost and Quantum Leap features can skyrocket the multipliers even more.

The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) for live Quantum Roulette is 97.30%.

Quantum Roulette

How does Quantum roulette work

This live dealer roulette variant is a single zero roulette game, so it follows the European/French roulette rules and odds. The way you play quantum roulette is very simple and exactly the same as any single zero roulette table.

This is how quantum roulette works:

  • You place your bets anywhere on the table
  • The roulette ball is launched into the roulette wheel and “no more bets” is announced
  • Up to 5 multipliers from 50x to 500x appear on random numbers on the roulette table
  • Occasionally, the Quantum Leap or Quantum Boost occur and the multipliers on the betting table are enhanced further

What happens if you get the quantum live roulette x50?

If the ball lands on a number with a multiplier and you have a bet on that number then you win your bet times the multiplier. If it is a multiplier of 50X and you have a bet of £1 then you win £50, if the multiplier is 200 then you win £200 etc.

So the game flow for Quantum Roulette is the same as Lightning Roulette with the added feature of the Quantum Leap or Quantum Boost which occurs in some betting rounds.

Quantum roulette Multipliers Odds and Probability

Probability to have a multiplier or a special event in a game round when you play Quantum Roulette.

Multiplier and OddsProbability
50 pays 49:132.0%
100 pays 99:132.9%
150 pays 149:114.8%
200 pays 199:110.5%
250 pays 249:13.1%
300 pays 299:13.0%
400 pays 399:12.2%
500 pays 499:11.5%
Special event: boost by 50 12%
Special event: double / triple1.8%

Things you need to be aware of:

  • The multipliers are random and are triggered by a Random Number Generator.
  • The multipliers apply only to straight-up numbers.
  • The Quantum Boost can trigger randomly and adds an extra 50x to an existing multiplier.
  • The Quantum Leap will also appear randomly and can double or triple an existing multiplier up to 500x.
  • Straight up numbers pay 29 to 1 instead of the standard 35 to 1 and this is the “sacrifice” you make for the buzz of the multipliers.
  • The live dealer has no interaction with the roulette wheel or ball as this is a Slingshot Roulette table.

Play Quantum Roulette Live

Below you can some of the best live casinos that we have shortlisted for this game. This is a Playtech game so you can find it in any online casino that has live casino games by Playtech.

All the online casinos that you can find on our site are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). We have also played on all these casinos and made sure that they have all the qualities that are required to be listed on our site as “best live casinos”.

Other interesting features of the game

Here are some more interesting features and elements of Quantum Roulette

  • The roulette wheel of this game is a Slingshot Wheel by Cammegh
  • There is a Random Number Generator ( RNG ) in place to ensure results, multipliers, boos and leap are random.
  • The live dealer is actually just the presenter of the game as they have no interaction with the roulette wheel.
  • You can see previous results and stats for the last 12 spins

Overall, Live Quantum Roulette by Playtech is an exciting live roulette table. It is very similar to Lightning Roulette with a different layout and the additional features of Boost and Leap which probably gives it an advantage when it comes to choosing between the two. The only thing that could be considered a disadvantage is the reduced payout for straight-up bets which is a trade-off for the multipliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a multiplier on Red or Black on Quantum Roulette?

No. The multipliers on this game apply to straight numbers only.

Is there a way to guarantee a multiplier win on Quantum Roulette?

No, there is no guarantee for a win with a multiplier. The multipliers and the numbers associated with them on every round are randomly produced by an RNG. So there is no way you can know which number will get a multiplier or predict that.

Will I get a multiplier win if I cover all the numbers?

If the ball lands on a number that has been assigned a multiplier on that specific round then yes. Otherwise, you are risking losing a small chunk of your total bet because the amount you will win will be smaller than the amount you bet.