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Baccarat Games and everything else you need to know about this game!

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Live Dealer Baccarat is a very popular casino game, probably the most popular one after roulette and blackjack.

Baccarat is extremely popular in Macau and is considered as the High Rollers game.

In the last few years a lot of online casinos have added more tables and variations of Baccarat with live dealers like progressive baccarat, lightning baccarat and baccarat squeeze to name a few.

These tables have increase the popularity of the game even more and Live Dealer Baccarat is now considered as a top live casino game. Every online casino will have a few Baccarat tables with live dealers but the best casinos will have a lot of choice when it comes to different game styles and table limits.

Compared to Baccarat in land based casinos that has a limit of 7 players on the table, a live dealer baccarat table can host unlimited number of players and has a number of additional side bets!

Live Baccarat is played with 8 decks of cards that are shuffled in the dealing shoe.

Baccarat, is spelled baccara outside Great Britain and the United States according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

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The main reasons that make Live Dealer Baccarat so popular are:

  • The low house edge which starts at around 1.06%
  • The fact that it is a very simple casino game
  • The fact that it is a very fast paced that someone can enjoy without having to think a lot about strategies, odds etc.
Did you know?
The main plot of the James Bond movie Casino Royale is centred around the Baccarat Table

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These casinos have a great range of tables with different table limits as well to suit all types of players. Apart from live dealer Baccarat, you can also find a great range of other live dealer games like roulette, blackjack, poker, live casino game shows etc.

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Baccarat Versions

There are 3 types or versions of Baccarat that you can play today.

  • Punto banco which is also known as North American baccarat. This is the most popular variant and is the one that we can find in every live casino.
  • Baccarat chemin de fer .
  • Baccarat banque which is also known as à deux tableaux.
live baccarat playtech table

Out of these three baccarat versions, Punto Banco is the one that is commonly known as live dealer baccarat as it is the only one that we can find in online casinos.

Live Dealer Baccarat Game Variations

Today, casino players can find various styles of live baccarat tables. These different styles/types of baccarat follow the same universal Punto Banco rules. Punto Banco is the type of baccarat that online casinos have.

However these tables have different themes, features (like multipliers, side bets ) and some slightly different payouts as a result of the different features.

Here are the most popular ones!

Live dealer Baccarat Squeeze and Controlled Squeeze

Live Baccarat Squeeze and Controlled Squeeze

Live Baccarat Squeeze is the exact same game as the usual live baccarat with the added feature that the live dealer will squeeze one of the cards. If more chips are on a Banker win…Banker cards will be squeezed, and visa versa. It is a bit slower than the normal live dealer baccarat because of the squeeze but still a very popular version.

Live Baccarat Controlled Squeeze is very similar to the baccarat squeeze tables with the difference that players can take control the card squeeze themselves! This is a truly Macau-like VIP gaming experience that puts the unique thrill of the squeeze at the players’ fingertips.

Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat

This is one of the latest versions of live baccarat and a version that you can’t find in land based casinos. It is an exclusive Evolution Live Baccarat table for online gaming.

Lightning Baccarat is a classic live dealer baccarat table with the addition of up to 5 multipliers on every round.

The card multipliers vary from 2x to 8x. In exchange for the enhanced payouts with the multipliers, players have to pay a 20% commission on their bets. One of our favourite tables.

Mini Live Baccarat

Mini Live Baccarat

Some live casinos offer Mini Live Baccarat which is exactly the same game as Standard Baccarat. The actual table layout is slightly simplified and is presented as single player seat instead of the seven seater/bet boxes. The rules of the game are exactly the same as the Standard Baccarat.

This variant has also some side bets called Egalite Extra allowing you to bet that the Player and Banker hands form a specific tie with an equal score. A great choice for players that want to have the one to one experience.

live dealer baccarat Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger

This is a fast paced 2 card Baccarat variant with betting rounds every 25 seconds. It is a traditional bacccarat game that we can find in many casinos.

Most online casinos will have a Dragon Tiger table as both Evolution and Playtech offer their own versions of the game.

The theme of this baccarat game is obviouslly Dragon and Tiger and it is a very popular choice for Baccarat players around the world.

No Commission Baccarat

No Commission Baccarat

This Live dealer baccarat version has the feature that there is no 5% commission on Banker Bets.

The 5% Commission is there to balance the payouts as the Banker has always slighter better chances to win.

In exchange for the lack of commission the Banker Bets win pays out 1:2 if the Banker scores 6.

In the past it was not so easy to find this table online, but today all the major live casino software providers offer a version of No Commission Baccarat which is great news.

Progressive Baccarat

Progressive Baccarat

This is the standard baccarat game with the optional side bet that gives you a buy-in to the progressive jackpot, or other amounts according to a payout table.

Player suited Ace+8, Banker matchesProgressive Jackpot
Player suited Ace+8, Banker suited Ace+810000 x side bet
Player & Banker Ace+81000 x side bet
Natural 925 x side bet
Natural 820 x side bet
Natural 715 x side bet
Natural 610 x side bet

Live Dealer Baccarat Games House Edge

BetCasino House Edge
Baccarat casino house edge table

The table below shows the calculated house edge for live dealer baccarat online when the cards are dealt from an 8 deck shoe.

What is quite obvious from the above house edge table is that betting on the tie has the highest house edge.

Some baccarat players avoid betting on the tie because of this very high house edge.

The low house edge that baccarat games have is one of the reasons why high rollers love this game.

Live Dealer Baccarat Side Bets

Like every other casino game, live dealer baccarat tables have a number of side bets. The most common ones are:


This is a very common side bet that you can find on most UK casinos that have live baccarat tables.

It is a side bet that may be placed on the possibility that the first 2 cards that are dealt to the Player and/or the Banker are a pair.

There are different kinds of pairs side bets that you can find in UK Live Casinos with the most common been Banker or Player Pair with a payout of 11/1. Perfect Pair pays out 25/1 while Any Pair pays out 5/1

Banker Pair / Player Pair

This is a live dealer baccarat side bet that is also known as Dragon Bonus. You bet which position has a higher value, the Banker or the Player. Payouts start from 1/1 for Natural Hand win and go up to 30/1 for Non Natural Hand Win by 9 points.

Small / Big

This side bets takes into account the total number of cards that are being dealt to a hand. Payouts are 1.5/1 for Small (total number of cards 4) to 0:50/1 for Big (total number of cards 5 or 6)

Sum Bonus

This live dealer baccarat side bet takes into account the combined value of a the Banker and Player cards. You win if the combined value is below 5 or above 14. The biggest payout is 50/1 for 18 with 2 or more 8’s.

Tie Bonus

This side bet applies when there is a Tie or the Tie is missed just by 1. The odds depend on how mnay cards have been used for the Tie and start from 1/1 ( if it’s missed by 1) up to 50/1 ( for 5 cards ties at 3).

If you are a complete beginner then we recommend that you read our guide on how to play Live Baccarat.