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If you are visiting this page you are probably familiar with traditional poker and you are looking to find out the best live casinos for poker or more information about the best live poker games!

Online poker became extremely popular in the last decade or so especially in the UK with the WSOP TV series.

This popularity has led online casinos to introduce live poker games that are different from the traditional poker rooms.

The main difference that these live casino poker games have compared to the traditional poker games is that players don’t compete against each other but against the live dealer!

This makes live poker totally different from traditional online poker. Also there are no cash games, tournaments etc. Just the live dealer and the player!

No bluffing, no bad feelings between players or chat abuse between players calling each other donk etc…

Every game is played with just a single deck of cards and this deck is changiung or shuffled after every round.

Best Online Casinos for Live Poker Games

These poker games are available in all UK live casinos like William Hill live and bet365 live just to name a couple. Below are the online casinos that we have shortlisted for you.

These casinos have a range of poker games with live dealers and are considered the best live poker casinos for UK players.

Live Casino Poker Games

Let’s have a look at the specific poker games with live dealers that you canj play online today. The first live poker game was Casino Hold’em but today we have a full list of poker games variations with live dealers.

Live Casino Hold’em

Live Poker Casino Hold'em table

This is the first poker game with live dealers online so it deserves to be mentioned first on our list as well, despite the fact that is not the most popular one anymore.

There are 7 cards on the table, including 5 community cards and the player’s 2 cards. The player has to make a 5 card poker hand that is better than the live dealer’s hand.

The game beginns when a player places the Ante Bet which is mandatory. There is also the option for a Bonus Side Bet called Aces or Better whic is paid out on the first 5 cards. Two cards are dealer to the players and the dealer. The player’s cards are facing up while the dealers are facing down.

After the first 3 community cards are dealt the playr has the option to call and stay in the game or fold and loose the Ante bet. If the player decides to call then the River nad Turn cards are dealt and that’s when the dealer reveals their cards as well. Who ever has the best poker hand wins. Read more about Live Casino Hold’em.

2 Hand Casino Hold’em

2 Hand Casino Hold'em

This is a very similar live dealer poker game to Casino Hold’em. It also played with a single deck of 52 cards and it has the Aces or Better side bet. The one difference that this game has compared to classic Casino Holdem is that there is the option to play 2 hands on the same round.

While this may not sound very exciting choice to start with, some poker players find it helfull to play 2 hands as they can calculate the possible outs easier.

Also this is a poker game that we can find exclusively in online casinos that have live casino games from Evolution. Read more about 2 Hand Casino Hold’em.

Ultimate Texas Holdem

Ultimate Texas Holdem

Another Evolution exclusive live poker game that is our personal favourite as well. What makes this poker game stand out from the rest is the fact that you can keep betting on your hand until the last card is dealt starting with a choice of 3x or 4x your bet down to 1x your bet after the last card.

Similarly to all the other poker games, the best 5 card poker hand winds and the player has to place the Ante bet to take part in the game.

Once a player places the Ante bet, another bet is automatically been placed called the Blind. So there are 2 bets to start with. There is an optional side bets here as well called Trips, which pays out when the player gets a Three of Kind or higher.

After placing the Ante and Blind bets the player and the dealer get two cards. Again players cards are facing up while dealers cards are facing down. The player now has the choice to bet 3x or 4x the Ante dpepending on the strength of their first two cards or just check.

After the flop the player has teh choice to bet 2x the Ante or check and finally when the Turn and the River are dealt the player can bet 1x teh Ante or Fold the hand. Read more about Live Ultimate Texas Holdem.

Three Card Poker and Three Card Brag

Three Card Brag live dealer game

These two games are fast paced and very easy to play. The player places the initial Ante Bet like in every other live poker game. The side bets on these games are Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus.

3 cards are dealt to the player who then has to decide whether to play or not. If the player decides to play they make a bet that is equal to the Ante bet otherwise they can just fold the hand.

Despite the fact that these two live dealer poker games sound the same and the game play is the same they one small difference that differentiates them and it has to do with the hand ranks and payouts. In 3 Card Brag the top hand is a 3 of Kind which is known as Prial and pays out 40 to 1.

In 3 Card Poker a Straight Flush pays 40 to 1. So based on probability and payouts 3 Card Brag is better for the player.

Caribbean Stud Poker

live caribbean stud poker online

This is another classic poker game that we can find online with live dealers and another very simple game to play. It is very similar to 3 card poker with the difference been that it is played with a hand of 5 cards instead of 3. The side bet on this game is the 5+1.

After placing the Ante Bet, five cards are dealt to the player facing up while the live dealer gets 1 card facing up as well and 4 facing down.

Depending on the cards the player has to make a decision whether to call or fold. If the player calls then the live dealer gets 5 cards as well. Whoever has the strongest poker hand wins!

Read more about Live Caribbean Stud Poker.

Side Bet City

Side Bet City

Side Bet City is not a traditional poker game like the other versions that we discussed until now. The main difference compared to other live poker games is that there are no cards dealt to the dealer or the player. However it is considered a live dealer poker game because the outcome of the game depends on poker hands.

You can place a bet on a the first 3 cards, 5 cards, 7 cards or All Loose options. The dealer will then deal 7 cards all facing up. If there is a poker hand with 3 cards on the table then you win. If your bet is on the All Lose and there is no poker hand on the 7 cards then you get paid 0.70 to 1.

Live Poker Games RTP

Live Poker GameReturn to Player % (RTP)
Casino Hold’em97.84 %
3 Card Poker96.63 %
3 Card Brag98 %
Ultimate Texas Holdem99.47 %
Carribbean Stud Poker98.19 %
Side Bet City96.69 %