Live Dice Games

Live Dice Games

Dice games are not something new for casino players. There was always a big hype around dice games especially in some big land based casinos in Las Vegas and Macau. Dice games might also be known as craps in some countries. Today we can find live dice games in almost every online casino.

Let’s have a look at the live dice games that we can find at the Best UK Live Casinos today.

Live Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo logo

Sic Bo is the first live dice game that appeared online. It is a Playtech game and you can find it in every online casinos that is powered by Playtech. The game is played with 3 dice that are in a box.

When the live dealer/presenter of the game hits the button, the boxes vibrates and shakes, mixing and moving the dice and giving the outcome of the round.

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Super Sic Bo

Live Dice Games: Super Sic Bo logo

This is the same game as Sic Bo with an exciting twist. Live Super Sic Bo has random multipliers up to 1000 times that can be triggered on every round!

Similar to traditional live Sic Bo the 3 dice are in a box, also known as Dice Shaker which starts shaking automatically after the multipliers are applied. You can say that this live dice game is a more glorified version of the classic Sic BO.

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Lightning Dice

Lightning dice logo

This is one of the latest version of live dice games we can find online. Lightning Dice is a more simplified version of Sic Bo because there are only a few bets. So you can bet only on the total number of the 3 dice and nothing else.

But there are lightning Strikes that add mu;multipliers up to X 1000 to these numbers. Also the dice are not in a Dice Shaker but the three standard dice are dropped into the transparent ‘Lightning Tower’ by the Game Presenter.

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A Brief History of Dice

According to encyclopedia , Dice have been used for gaming and divination purposes for thousands of years. Evidence found in Egyptian tombs has suggested that this civilization used them as early as 2000 b.c. It is also suggested that civilizations all around the Americas used dice and so did Greeks and Romans.

The dice of most of these early cultures were made in numerous shapes and sizes. The modern day cubical dice originated in China and have been dated back as early as 600 b.c.

They were most likely introduced to Europe by Marco Polo during the fourteenth century.