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Live Football Studio by Evolution

Live Football Studio

There is no better way to discuss football, than being in the same room as other football fans. Live Football studio roulette (also known as Top Card) is that room online!

So football fans can get together, enjoy a live casino game and discuss all the latest news, score updates and other developments from the football world.

The game is hosted in a football-themed studio with a football stadium as a background and a football-themed table.

Surely, the football theme is a nice element and this is why many of the best live casinos have added this game to their collection straight away.

What is Live Football Studio

This live casino game is just a simple two-card game combined with live match commentary and goal celebrations. As simple as that.

Casino players can enjoy a Dragon Tiger style live dealer game with the difference that it is football themed and the live dealers and players can chat about football.

Live Football Studio table - Away Win

The live dealers of this game are football fans as well so they are up to date with all the latest from the football industry.

If there are any live football games then the conversation between players and the live dealer will usually be around the live games. Otherwise, previous results, upcoming games, transfer rumours are topics that are usually discussed.

How to play Live Football Studio

Well, the game is a 2 card game with the potential outcomes of Home Win, Draw or Away Win. Simply place your bet on Home Draw or Away.

The live dealer will then deal one card for the Home team and one card for the Away team. Whichever team has the highest card wins! If they get the same value card then it’s a Draw.

Live Football Studio Home Win

Home and Away pays 1:1 while the Draw pays 11:1

The minimum bet is £1 and the maximum bet is £10,000 on this table.

Players can see the results of the last 24 rounds and all the latest winners are displaying on the screen in a similar way as other Evolution games.

Where you can play Live Football Studio

Some players might confuse Live Football Studio with Live Football Roulette. The two games might have a similar theme ( football ) but are totally different.

Live Football Studio is a two-card game while Live Football Roulette is a roulette table.

Can I play Live Football Studio when there are no games?

Of course. You can play this live casino game 24/7 even when there no football games on.

Is Live Football Studio the same as Top Card?

Yes, Live Football Studio and Top Card are the same game.

What kind of game is Live Football Studio?

This is a card game that is the same as Dragon/Tiger and is based on who will get the highest card. You bet on Home, Away or Draw.