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Live Power Blackjack by Evolution

Power Blackjack by Evolution is one of the latest live dealer blackjack variations we can find online! If you are looking for a Blackjack game that is different from any other versions you have played with live dealers you need to check out this game.

Power Blackjack

What is Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack is a variation of classic unlimited blackjack with some tweaks that make the game even more interesting and entertaining for some players! It is part of Evolution’s Infinite games that also includes Free Bet Blackjack and Infinite Blackjack.

Power Blackjack is a low stakes live blackjack table with a minimum bet of £1.

The main purpose of this Live Blackjack game which you can find in online casinos with Evolution Live Casino games is of course to beat the dealer. There are 8 decks and the dealer stands on 17 as usual.

The feature that makes Power Blackjack different from other versions is that players can increase their bets by 2, 3 or 4 times after they get their initial 2 cards! If you have ever played Ultimate Texas Holdem then this process will be familiar to you.

Power Blackjack table betting options

This option to increase your initial bet after the first 2 cards is a good opportunity to increase your winnings. On the other hand, you are also risking more money. So if you are a player that likes to take risks for bigger wins then you will definitely like this game

What else is different about Power Blackjack?

  • All 9s and 10s are been removed from the decks. This is the main big change compared to classic blackjack and something you should always keep in mind when you play this game. This is very important to remember because it means that you cannot apply the usual blackjack strategy.

How to play Power Blackjack

Let’s have a look now how you can play live Power Blackjack step by step:

  • The betting round begins and you can place your initial main bet and any side bets
  • The live dealer gives you your first 2 cards
  • You can then decide if you want to Stand, Hit, Split, Double, Triple or Quadruple your main bet. Any choice apart from Stand means you will get another card
  • Once you have made your decision it is the dealer’s turn. Dealer stands on 17 and hits on anything below 17 as usual.

Side Bets

Evolution Power Blackjack  side bets

This game has 4 side bets that you can bet on. These are the usual ones we can find in all Infinite Blackjack games by Evolution:

  • 21+3: Player’s first 2 cards and the dealer’s upcard need to form a poker hand.
  • Hot 3: Player’s first 2 cards and the dealer’s upcard need o make a total of 19,20,21 or three 7’s
  • Bust It: Player wins when the dealer busts
  • Any Pair: Players first 2 cards form a pair

Evolution Power Blackjack Strategy

As we have already mentioned, this game is a bit different from other versions of blackjack because all the 9s and 10 s have been removed.

What this means is that there are fewer cards on the 8 decks but also that you can’t play your usually blackjack strategy. Without 9’s and 10’s playing with the usual blackjack strategy charts are not useful at all.

Despite the fact that Evolutions has developed a Power Blackjack Strategy this is still not ideal for someone that wants to play with strategy. Power Blackjack strategy can give an RTP of 98.8% which is lower compared to classic blackjack strategy RTP at 99.6%.

So if you like to play with strategy this game might not be ideal for you. If on the other hand you are not strict with your blackjack strategy and you like to risk more to win more then this game ticks all the boxes!

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