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Live Dragon Tiger

If you are looking for a simple fast-paced live casino game then you are looking for live Dragon Tiger.

This casino game which is rumoured to have its origins in Cambodia is one of the latest games with live dealers that we can find online.

Dragon Tiger is actually a two-card Baccarat game so it is very popular with players from Asia.

The game is fast-paced as we have already mentioned with rounds of 25 seconds and it’s set in a stunning themed environment with light effects synchronized to game outcomes.

How to play Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is about as simple as gambling gets. The live dealer draws 2 cards. One goes to a position that is labelled as the Dragon and one to a position that is labelled as the Tiger. The player bets on which one will have the higher card value.

  • If the player gets it right they win at odds of 1:1, so they double their money
  • if the player gets it wrong they loose
  • and if its a tie the player gets half of the initial bet back

Here is a quick video of Dragon Tiger by Playtech

There are also some proposition bets on the individual cards. In addition, there are statistics and Baccarat-like ‘roads’ which offer multiple layers of interest to the game.

Other bets on Dragon Tiger

There are some additional bets that players can bet on apart from the Dragon Tiger bet. These are

  • The Tie – You bet that both Dragon and Tiger cards will be the same value – Bet pays 10:1 at the Playtech version and 11:1 at the Evolution version
  • Dragon Tiger Big/Small – A bet on the card value to be over 7 (Big) or under 7 (Small) – Bet pays 1:1
  • Dragon Tiger Suit) – A bet on the suit of the cards (Heart, Diamond, Spade, Club) – Bet pays 3:1

Where you can play Live Dragon Tiger Online

The biggest live casino software providers Playtech and Evolution have their own versions of Live Dragon Tiger. This means that we can find it in some of the top live casinos like William Hill live casino. The only difference you will notice between the two is the payout on the Tie bet. Playtech pays 10:1 while Evolution pays 11:1.

Overall Live Dragon Tiger is a great option for all kinds of live casino players because it is a very simple game.

There are plenty of live casinos that offer this game but here are our recomended ones.