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Side Bet City – A Las Vegas Themed poker room

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Are you a fan of neon lights, an 80’s atmosphere, Las Vegas and poker? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then we have an exciting new live casino game for you.

It is called Side Bet City!

Side Bet City live casino game is a fast-paced, simple poker game that is played not against a live dealers hand but against the paytable.

Side Bet City poker table

What does this mean?

This means that there is no players hand vs live dealers hand like in other live poker games.

The cards that are drawn on the table are the player’s cards only. Based on those cards and the best hand these cards can make players can win or lose!

Minimum bet for Side Bet City is 0.50£

How to play Side Bet City

As we have already mentioned this is a very simple live poker game. There is no decision making involved.

You just place a bet and wait for the cards to be drawn to see if you have won!

Simply bet on whether they will win on a 3 Card Hand, a 5 Card Hand or a 7 Card Hand, or on the ‘All Lose’ option.

betting hands
Bet on 3-5-7 card hands or All Lose
  • If you bet on the 3 Card Hand, it is like you bet on a 3 card poker. If the first 3 cards on the table form a 3 card poker hand then you win.
  • If you bet on the 5 Card Hand then the first 5 cards on the table have to form a poker hand in order to win
  • When you bet on a 7 Card Hand, then you still win with a standard 5 card hand
  • Finally, the option of All Lose is a bet that no poker hands will form after the 7 cards are drawn.
poker cards on the table

Payout Table

paytable for Side Bet City hands

The payouts on this live dealer game depend on whether your bet is on 3, 5 or 7 cards and then the poker hand that has formed from the draw.

So payouts vary significantly and can be from Evens for a Pair on a 3 card to a massive 1000 to 1 for a Royal Flush on a 5 Card Hand.

Online Casinos that you can play Side Bet City