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Live Infinite Blackjack by Evolution

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If you are a blackjack player then you know that sometimes it is hard to find a seat on a blackjack table. One of the solutions to this problem is called Live Infinite Blackjack.

Infinite Blackjack is a brand new blackjack table with live dealers by Evolution. The game has low limits, unlimited seats and you can find it in almost every online casino that has Evolution tables.

What is Infinite Blackjack

The blackjack table is nothing new in the industry as we already have similar tables which are called Unlimited Blackjack tables.

It is a great table to play at when all the standard 7 seat live blackjack tables are full and you are just waiting for an empty seat to come available.

There are also four optional side bets for players to choose from — Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It — as well as the usual Insurance, Double Down, Split, Hit and Stand bet rules

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How to play Infinite Blackjack

There are no differences between your standard live blackjack online tables and the live infinite blackjack table. The rules of this blakcjack game variation are exactly the same and there are also some side bets that you can bet on.

The major difference between a blackjack table is that you have your own seat and this table is that you get the same 2 cards as everyone else on the table.

Here’s how it works

  • You get 2 cards – The same 2 cards as everyone else
  • You then make a decision to stand/hit/double/split
  • Other players make their individual decisions as well
  • Depending on your decision you can get more cards
  • When all players finish playing their hands then the dealer also plays their hand

So the players start with the same hand but during the gameplay, some will bust, some will stand etc.

If you like the idea of infinite Blackjack then you might want to check out Free Bet Blackjack which is also an unlimited players table. But this time we have a slight change of rules + some free hands.

Side Bets

As we have already mentioned this table has 4 blackjack side bets to make things a bit more exciting

These are:

infinite blackjack side bets
  • Any Pair side bet: IF the first two cards of the player’s hand are a pair then this side bet is a winner
  • 21+3 side bet: A popular poker-style card combinations side bet where the player wins if their first two cards and the dealer’s up card make a poker hand ( i.e. flush, straight etc)
  • Hot 3 side bet: Pays out on card combinations of a total of 19, 20 and 21 that are made by the player’s first two cards and the dealers up card. The best payout is for a Hot 3 of 7-7-7.
  • Bust It side bet: Pays out an increasing amount if the dealer busts with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 or more cards in his/her hand.

The Six Card Charlie rule is also in place on this table which is great news for players.

Online Casinos for Live Infinite Blackjack

As this is a blackjack game by Evolution, it is not very hard to find it in most online casinos. Below you can find some of the best casinos online that we have shortlisted where you can play live Infinite Blackjack.