Live Dealer Roulette

Over the last few years, the popularity of live dealer games has increased. This is evident from the fact that the number of online casinos offering them has increased and almost every online casino now offers live dealer games. As stated in press releases and blogs, the popularity of live dealer games attributes from the fact that they give the players an experience very close to reality. Unlike other online games where a random number generator is used to control the card activity, a live person who is visible on the players screen via webcam technology handles the activity.

The software used to handle video streaming by online casinos which offer live dealer games allows the user to chat with the dealer and his fellow table mates. This social aspect has made the games even more likeable by avid players who had no choice but to access a conventional brick and mortar casino in the past. Although these online casinos lack the ambience of a conventional gaming house, you will not feel like you are compromising but instead enjoy the convenience of playing a live dealer game from the comfort of your home.

Without dwelling too much on the popularity and benefits of live dealer games, let’s have an insight at how the games are played and especially live roulette. Note that there are several variations of the game being offered online. In addition, you would like to acquaint with some key differences between live dealer roulette and the traditional games which are offered at brick and mortar casinos.

How live dealer roulette works

To get a better understanding of how the game works, let’s have a look at what the operator does and what you as the player is expected to do. The operator does nothing more than broadcasting the activity like it was a TV show. The roulette table is placed in its area and sometimes, might be surrounded by other games like live baccarat or blackjack depending on the variation you prefer. Some live casinos UK prefer placing a fake backdrop which might be anything from the city’s skyline to the casino itself.

Three separate cameras record the action. One of them is an overview, the second is a table shot and the third is a wheel shot which switches to the croupier immediately the ball settles into a cell. This action is delivered in real time and can be watched via a computer’s browser, your TV screen, a Tablet or a Smartphone.

As the player, all you have to do is take your chips, place the bests and then wait. It is similar to playing any other roulette game online only that the action is live. The best UK live casinos allow you to chat with the croupier and other players.

Variations of live roulette games which are available at live casinos

UK live roulette comes in several variations. Among the most popular are mini roulette which is further subdivided into the variations namely social, brown and black; the colour and size of the ball makes the difference although the layout of this game is also different from others. Rapid roulette is unique in that it is faster than standard games and is ideal for those who would like to get more bets in. Low Limit (Auto) roulette gets its name from the automation of the roulette wheel and its low limit characteristic. (Auto) roulette is similar to the variation described above only that it has higher stakes; both have automated wheels which are air-powered. Lastly, there is live roulette which is the standard game. Some live roulette casinos will give you a choice between standard and 3D view setting while in some other casino players get the option of a choice between European and Asian croupiers.