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Live French Roulette

Live French roulette wheel

There are 3 main versions of roulette that you can play online in live casinos or in land-based casinos. European, American and French Roulette!

There are a few similarities and differences between these 3 types of roulette. For example, European and French Roulette share the same wheel which has 37 pockets.

However, they don’t share the same table layout!

There are even more similarities and differences between Live French Roulette and the other types of live dealer roulette online so keep reading to find out more!

In this article we are looking at:

  • What is Live French Roulette
  • Live French Roulette Table Layout and Wheel
  • Rules, Odds and Payouts
  • Best Casinos for Live French Roulette

What is Live French Roulette?

Live French Roulette is a roulette type that has a wheel with 37 pockets and a betting table layout that is in French. In addition, Live French Roulette is a roulette table that has the En Prison and La Partage Rules.

Live French Roulette Table Layout and Wheel

As we have already mentioned there are similarities between all 3 types of roulette but there are also differences that make each one of them unique.

French Roulette Table Layout

The table layout in Live French Roulette is different to the European and American Roulette. The difference is that the names of the outside bets are in French.

For example instead of Odd and Even there is Pair and Impair. Also, the outside bets are not all on the same side of the table.

french roulette betting table layout

Here is a list with the betting positions on a French Roulette table and what they mean in English:

  • Impair or Pair means Odd or Even
  • Manque or Passe means Low or High
  • Rouge or Noir means Red or Black
  • P12 (stands for Premiere Douzaine) is the equivalent of First Dozen
  • M12 (stands for Moyenne Douzaine) is the equivalent of Second Dozen or Middle Dozen
  • D12 (stands for Derniere Douzaine) is the equivalent of Third Dozen or Last Dozen

Call Bets in French Roulette

Since all the names of the bets are in French in this type of roulette, so are the Call Bets. Let’s have a look at these

  • Voisins (du Zero) Bet. The “voisins du zero” or “neighbours of zero” bet is the section of the live french roulette wheel that is around the zero slot. These numbers are: 22-18-29-7-28-12-35-3-26-0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25.
  • Jeu (Zero) Bet. The “Jeu Zero” or “Zero Game” bet is also surrounding the 0 slot just with fewer numbers. The numbers are 12-35-3-26-0-32-15
  • Tier (Le Tiers du Cylindre) Bet . The “Le Tiers du Cylindre” or “third of the wheel” bet covers a large segment of the live french roulette wheel with 13 numbers. The numbers range from 27 to 33 on the wheel and include 27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24-16-33.
  • Orphelins Bets, The “orphelins” or “orphans” bet is the only bet that doesn’t cover a continuous area of the Roulette wheel but covers two different sections of the wheel which are opposite each other. One is a small section of three numbers (17-34-6), while the other is a section of five numbers (1-20-14-31-9).

The Wheel

The Live French Roulette Wheel has 37 pockets – 0 (Green),1-36 (divided between Red and Black) and is the same as the European Roulette.

Rules, Odds and Payouts

Overall the rules, odds and payouts in Live French Roulette are the same as Live European Roulette. However, a lot of roulette players believe that French Roulette is the best roulette table.

The main reason for that belief is the fact that French Roulette has two rules that the other ones don’t:

  • La Partage Rule
  • En Prison Rule

What you need to be aware of is that a French Roulette table can have one of these rules, not both of them. Also, these rules are active only when you place even money bets.

Let’s have a look now at how each of these French Roulette rules works!

La Partage Rule

La Partage is the one that you will find in a lot of French Roulette tables. If you place a bet on even-money bets like Red or Black, Odd or Even, Low or High and the ball lands on 0, then you get half of your stake back!

En Prison Rule

The En Prison rule is also getting triggered when you have a bet on Red or Black, Odd or Even, Low or High and the ball ends up on 0. But this time instead of getting half of your stake back, your full stake remains in place for the next betting round. So you actually get a second chance.

Live French Roulette RTP

If you are betting mainly in numbers then the RTP in French Roulette is exactly the same as n European Roulette at 97.3%.

However, if you are betting on two-sided bets like Red or Black, Odd or Even, Low or High then the RTP in French Roulette is 98.65% and the house edge is as low as 1.35%. This is because of the La Partage and En Prison Rules of course and makes it one of the best casino games from an RTP point of view.

French Roulette Odds

With regards to the odds for French Roulette, these are the same as the European Roulette.

Bet TypeOdds
Single Number2.70%
2 Number Combination5.4%
3 Number Combination8.1%
4 Number Combination10.8%
5 Number Combination13.5%
6 Number Combination16.2%
Column / Dozen32.40%
Even/Odd, Red/Black, Low/High48.60%
French Roulette Odds

What is the difference between American, European and French roulette?

All three different types of roulette are unique in some way or another. American Roulette has the 0 and 00 which the other two don’t have, French Roulette has the En Prison and La Partage rules which the other two don’t have.

If one roulette type is very similar to another then this is European and French Roulette because they share the exact same roulette wheel.

Live Dealer French Roulette Strategy

There might not be a specific Live French Roulette strategy but there is a very obvious way that you can bring the casino house edge down to a minimum and benefit from this. You can place even money bets!

As we have already explained with the La Partage Rule in place when you bet on even money bets the casino house edge is 1.35% which is one of the best RTPs you can get when you play casino games!

Where you can Play Live French Roulette

Both Evolution and Playtech stream Live French Roulette tables from their studios which means that you can find and play this roulette type in most online casinos.

Both Evolution Live French Roulette Gold and Playtech French Roulette have the La Partage Rule in place.

Some of the top live casinos for French Roulette with La Partage Rule are 888, Leo Vegas and William Hill.