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High Stakes Roulette Online

high stakes roulette tables

High rollers and VIP casino players love roulette and this is no surprise! This is why the high limit roulette online or high stakes roulette tables are always busy and are usually occupied by casino high rollers.

Most land-based casinos will have a “special” roulette table with high betting limits.

Things are even better for roulette high rollers when they play online though.


Because there are usually plenty of live dealer roulette tables with high limits which means that players have more choice.

If you play online roulette regularly you have probably noticed that online casinos have a lot of different tables with various minimum and maximum limits. This is because they want to accommodate all types of players, whether they are looking for low stakes or high stakes roulette.

High Stakes Roulette Online with live dealers

Most, if not all high rollers will tell you that playing with live dealers online is a much better option compared to the Random Number Generator (RNG) games. Not only for roulette but for any casino game like blackjack or baccarat.

In addition, live dealer games have much higher limits which make these tables ideal for high stakes.

However, not all online casinos have the same table limits on their live dealer high stakes roulette games.

Some casinos have specific branded tables with very high limits that go beyond the average limits that you can find around. Or they just increase the limits on some of the standard roulette tables they offer.

This is why we did some research for you and shortlisted the best UK live casinos that have high limit roulette tables. We based our choices on:

  • The number of roulette tables with high limits
  • Special promotions and bonuses for High Rollers

Online Casinos With High Stakes Roulette Limits

Below you can find our choice of the best high stakes casinos online with live dealers.

William Hill Live Casino

£25,000Max. Bet
£25,000Max. Bet
  • High Stakes Roulette Tables
  • Roulette VIP - £25,000

    WH Roulette - £25,000

    Vegas Speed Roulette - £25,000

    A lot of tables with £4,000 and £8,000 max limits

Rizk Casino

£10,000Max. Bet
£10,000Max. Bet
  • High Stakes Roulette Tables
  • Auto Roulette VIP - £10,000

    Immersive Roulette - £10,000

    Lightning Roulette - £10,000

    The great majority of the roulette tables have limits of £10,000!

As you can see from the tables above, there are plenty of roulette tables for high rollers on these casinos. This is the main advantage when you play online compared to your local brick and mortar casino.

William Hill live casino has by far the highest betting limits with a few tables at £25,000.

Don’t forget that William Hill has 2 sections with live roulette games, one with Playtech and one with Evolution tables. The £25,000 limit tables are located at the Live Casino section with the Evolution Gaming tables.

888 casino has also many tables with a maximum bet of £10,000 including the very successful Lightning Roulette. This can be a great table for roulette high rollers, considering the fact that your bet can be multiplied up to 500 times!

The same roulette table with the same table limits is available at Actually, the majority of live roulette tables there have a 10K limit which means that high stakes players have a lot of choices ( there are 26 different roulette tables).

Where you can find the maximum bet on a roulette table?

There is an easy way to browse around different roulette games and spot the high stakes ones. Just open any live casino lobby where you can see all the games. Click on the roulette section to filter only the roulette tables. Then, all the tables should show on the top left corner the minim bet at least.

If you hover over that table you will see the maximum bet as well. That wat you can spot any high limit roulette games without checking each one of them individually.

Private High Limit Roulette Tables

If you are a VIP or a High Roller and want some exclusivity then there are a few Private high stakes roulette tables that you can find online. These tables have a high maximum stake but also a high minimum stake.

The most well known is Salon Privé Roulette which is just one of the Salon Privé VIP tables offered by Evolution.

What is Salon Privé Roulette

Salon Privé is a single-player private table VIP roulette table where high rollers can enjoy European Roulette with high maximum bets and enhanced control. The perks of this table include VIP Room Manager present at all times and the ability for the player to control the choice of dealer, the shuffle, and game speed using ‘Spin Now’

The minimum stake on that roulette table is £100 and the maximum is £10,000.

RNG High Limit Roulette

In contrast to live dealer games, when human dealers spin the wheel and throw the ball into it, there are still a lot of online roulette games that are computer-based and employ a technology called a Random Number Generator to decide the spin outcome.

If you play online on a regular basis, you’ll note that RNG tables often have a far smaller maximum table limit than live dealer tables.

Even though we are not big fans of RNG roulette we are going to mention some high limited roulette games that fall into this category and that you can find in various online casinos.

The most popular high stakes RNG roulette games that we have spotted in some of the best online casinos include Roulette Deluxe and 1000 Diamon Roulette with maximum bets of £5,000 and £10,0000 respectively.

We will not go into more detail or mention any more of these tables because we believe that when there is a choice to play high stakes live roulette then RNG roulette is not really worth the bother!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about High Limit Roulette

Which are the best high stake roulette live casinos in the UK?

There are a few live casinos that can claim that have the best high stake roulette tables. However, we have shortlisted the best casinos for you based on the maximum stake but also other factors like reliability and trust.

Is there a maximum bet on high stake roulette?

Yes, there are maximum bets in high stakes roulette like on every casino table. However, this amount will vary hugely based on the operator’s table limits.

How much can we bet on high stakes live roulette online?

You can bet up to the maximum limit that the online casino has in place for its high stakes roulette and can go up to £25,000.

What is High Stakes Roulette?

High stakes roulette is a roulette game following standard roulette rules where the amount of money you are allowed to bet is very high. The exact amount you can bet will depend on the casino and also on the type of bet you place.