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Lightning Dice is the name of the latest live casino game by Evolution. It is a unique game that combines the classic Casino Dice game and the modern features of Lightning roulette.

With multipliers up to 1000x and a gold Art deco environment just like the award-winning Lightning Roulette, this game will definitely become one of the most popular live dealer games.

This is a part of the new TV show style casino games where the live dealer is actually a presenter of the game. Since there are no cards to be dealt or balls to spins around a wheel the presenter’s job is to just keep players entertained and announce the results of the game.

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Dice games in general are very popular in East countries, especially in China. However, these games are becoming very popular in Europe as well the last few years and that popularity has led to a few live dice games online.

How to Play Lightning Dice

If you have ever played Sic Bo online then you know the basic rules of this game. If not, it won’t take you long to understand them. The rules of this game are very simple.

Actually, this game is even simpler than the classic Sic Bo as you are betting on just the total of the three dice. There are no additional bets.

Let’s have a look at how you play Lightning Dice step by step.

  • Players place their bets on the betting grid which shows 16 numbers in all – the numbers 3 to 18
  • After betting time has expired, lightning strikes between one and several random ‘Lightning Numbers’. Each of these numbers is then given a random multiplier of up to 1000x
  • Three Dice will t tumble down through the tower’s maze-like sections and will make the total from 3 to 18
  • If you guess the right total number then you are a winner. If there is a multiplier on that number, even better! You have landed a Big Win

Overall this is a very easy game with the additional feature of the multipliers which makes it even more interesting. There is no strategy that you can follow in this game that has been proven to work in the players’ favour. Having 3 dice rolling makes it very difficult to even try to think of a strategy as the outcome is so unpredictable.

In theory, there is as much chance to hit a 6 on all 3 dice as it is to hit a 4 a 3 and a 2. With that in mind and the multipliers in place, a lot of players like to bet on the high odds numbers. However, there are more combinations of dice numbers that make up the middle numbers, hence the lower odds. So it all depends on what type of player you are. If you like to bet small to win big or if you like to play with the odds on your side but with smaller margins.

Lightning Dice Casinos

This game is a creation of Evolution Gaming and we can find it in online casinos that have games from this software provider. Here are the best live online casinos that offer this game.

Apart from Lightning Dice by Evolution, there are also other live games with dice like Super Sic Bo ( also by Evolution) and Sic Bo by Playtech. The latter was the first dice game that appeared online.

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