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Live Sic Bo Deluxe by Playtech

sic bo deluxe

Live Sic Bo Deluxe by Playtech is a classic Casino Dice Game with the addition of multipliers that can pay up to 1000x the bet amount!

Sic Bo games are becoming more and more popular in the last few years and this popularity has led to more versions of the game. After the success of other games with random multipliers like Quantum Roulette and Blackjack, Playtech has now a Live Sic Bo game with multipliers!

The decor of the game is very nice with red and gold colours with a giant lotus flower in the middle that has the dice shaker inside.

Best Casinos for Sic Bo Deluxe

Every online casino that has live dealer games from Playtech should have this game, You can usually find it in the category Baccarat & Sic Bo.

How to Play Live Sic Bo Deluxe

Sic Bo Deluxe is played the same way as any other Sic Bo game. There is a Dice Shaker which is located just in front of the presenter of the game. When the betting time of 20 seconds begins players place their bets on the potential dice combination result whether this is a single number, big/small, a specific combination etc.

The fun begins after players place their bets as there are up to 6 random multipliers up to 1000x that enhance the multipliers of some betting positions!

The live dealer then presses the button to activate the shaker and dice will then shake within the dome and will give the result of the betting round.

Betting, Payouts and other Features

There are a lot of different bets that you can place on Sic Bo Deluxe. You can bet on:

  • Big/Small – This is a bet on the total of three dice to be between 4 and 10 (Small) or 11 and 17 (Big)
  • Single Numbers – A bet on a single number that can appear on any of the dice
  • Triples – You can bet either on a specific triple or any triples to come in
  • Total – Betting on the total of all 3 dice to be a specific number
  • Combinations ( 2 Dice) – Bet on any of the 15 combinations with 2 dice

At this point you need to be aware that there are some betting combinations that don’t get a multiplier. These are Big/Small and a single dice number bet.

Live Sic Bo Deluxe has an overall RTP of 95.088% – 97.22%

Auto Play Option

If you are placing the same bets on every round then this Auto Play option will come in handy. You can also set up a loss limit if you want to stop the autoplay when you are on a losing streak or a single win limit.


Sic Bo Deluxe is a great live casino game overall and can offer some great moments of excitement when you hit a nice multiplier. If you like Sic Bop / Dice games then you will definitely not going to get disappointed as this table offers much more than a standard Sic Bo game.

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