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Money Drop Live By Playtech

money drop live

Playtech has released another great spinoff of a television game show into the surging live casino game shows category. 

What sets Money Drop Live apart from all the other new titles is the action and the gameplay.

Based loosely on the UK hit gameshow, Million Pound Drop, the game has a lot going on. A lot of decisions to be made and a lot of places to make a bet.

While all of this action adds to the suspense, the sort of backward gameplay then sets the hook.

How to play Money Drop Live

Many games will proceed with you completing specific tasks to win the cash, but Money Drop Live starts with you winning a sum of cash, sometimes quite a sizable sum, and then challenging you to devise a strategy that will let you keep some or preferably all of it.

It’s this “win” upfront that keeps people coming back as they work hard to find a way to hold onto it.

money drop live wheel

Gameplay begins with the live dealer/presenter of the game spinning the big wheel. Money Drop Live has 54 compartments with 8 different multipliers.

You can bet on one, all eight, or any number in between. If you want to always play the bonus round, you’ll need to bet all eight. If you feel like taking a chance on just the longshots, you could just bet the 1000x or 2500x.

Money Drop Rounds

Next up is the drop rounds. The number of drop rounds is determined by the multiplier from the big wheel. For instance, the 8x multiplier, which is on the largest number of compartments on the wheel, is a one drop round.

That means you will need to pick from platforms A, B, C, or D. Three of those platforms will drop. If you choose the one that doesn’t, you keep all 8x of your original bet.

The multipliers other than the 8x quick round will let you spread your winnings out across multiple platforms to give you a better chance of winning something. For instance, both the 15x and 30x multiplier are only one drop rounds, but you can pile your money on one platform or divide it up amongst two, three, or all four platforms.

Of course, if you divide it amongst all four, you will win something, but only 25% of your original winnings, so you have to carefully weigh risk vs. reward.

money drop round

It gets even more complicated with the 100x and 250x multipliers because you will have to play two drop rounds, and the 1000x and 2500x require you to make it through three drop rounds. Let’s say you play conservative and hit the 1000x at 1 £1 bet. Dividing across all platforms means you have £250 left after the first drop, £62.50 after the second drop, and £15.62 after the third round. That’s not much left if you take no risk.

Sometimes, the game will randomly award 2 times the multiplier before the first round of drops, which means you could win up to 5000x your original bet. It can also grant extra platforms. For instance, it may only drop two platforms instead of all three.

Card Clash

Three of the wheel compartments are Card Clash. If the dealer spins the wheel and it lands on card clash, and you have placed a wager on it, you enter the Card Clash bonus round.

The dealer will wander over to a table with a 52 card deck on it. You can bet on either of two sides, Pink or Blue. The dealer deals a card to each, high card wins.

There are three separate hands dealt. If you can win all three of the Card Clash rounds, you get 95x, only win two, and it drops to 15x, and if you only win one, it pays 5x.

It’s worth noting that you might lose all three, in which case you’re out of this round. Somehow pull off three ties, and you get 1000x.

Winning Zone

If you got beat three times in card clash or put all your money on a losing platform, but there are still more drops to go, you can make this side bet to stay in action. If three platforms drop and you pick the right one, you get 2.9x. If it’s one of the bonus platform drops and only two platforms fall, you get 0.95x.  In fact, if you sit out and just prefer to bet this side bet, you can do that as well.


Playtech’s Money Drop Live is a blast to play. Lots of bets and big winnings that decrease over time if you don’t guess right make for a lot of fun. The MCs always add a lot of fun banter and keep the chat feature humming with messages, adding to the social aspect. You can see how many people are betting on each of the platforms, and also, a leaderboard is displayed should you want bragging rights for your big score.

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