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Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw

deal or no deal by playtech

Playtech has announced another live casino game in 2020 and this time is a live casino game show called Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw! This live casino game is based on the iconic and popular TV Show Deal or No Deal of course and is a unique and entertaining casino game.

What is Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw?

Playtechs’ Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw is a live casino game that looks more like a Bingo game rather than a live casino game show. However, when you play this game you realise that it has a lot of elements of a game show and that Playtech has done a very good job creating a game that combines a classic TV show and Bingo gameplay.

How to Play Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw by Playtech

This live casino game show is a bit different from any others we have seen until today. It looks a lot like a bingo game obviously because there are balls with numbers that are drawn from a bingo machine.

Deal or No deal Big Draw uses 16 briefcases in each round, and one of them is the Player’s briefcase.

deal or no deal big draw

By the end of the game, you can either accept the Bankers offer or reveal the prize that is assigned to your briefcase.

Here is how the gameplay unfolds step by step:

  • You buy a ticket to enter the game. You can choose the amount that your ticket is worth and this will have an effect on the value of the briefcase that will play in the game.
  • You can then add more money to any briefcase you pick. The amount that you add is random as you have to pick one of five mini gold briefcases to reveal the prize that will be added to the suitcase you have chosen.
  • In addition, players can choose to enter the mini draw side game, with prizes based on the first 20 balls drawn.
  • The game begins and as the first 20 balls are drawn, the numbers and the prizes are removed from the ticket, with the banker’s bar being filled at the same time. Once there are seven numbers on the bar, the banker will make the player his first offer.
  • You can decide to Deal and end the game there or No Deal and buy 5 extra balls for an additional amount in search of a higher offer.
  • More balls are drawn and you will have to decide if you want the Bankers final offer or want to reveal the prize on your briefcase.
deal or no deal the big draw numbers

Mini Draw side bet

This is a side bet which is actually a side bonus game that you can play along with the main Deal or No Deal game. If you are familiar with playing Bingo then you will know exactly what this side bet is. If not, it is quite simple.

You need to complete lines in order to win a prize based on the first 20 balls that are drawn in the main game. You get tickets that have 3×3 lines and for each line you complete you get a prize.

If you complete 6 lines then you win the top prize. Payouts start from 2X your stake for 1 line and go up to 1000X your stake for 6 lines.

Overall, Del or No Deal – The Big Draw by Playtech is a great live casino game and if you like bingo then you will definitely find this game entertaining. If on the other hand, you prefer a more classic live casino version of the game then you might want to have a look at Live Deal or No Deal by Evolution.

Where you can play Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw

This is an exclusive live casino game by Playtech, so you can find it only in online casinos that have games from this software provider.