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Tips for Live Blackjack Online

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Live Blackjack Online is probably as popular as Live Roulette Online at every UK Live Casino. However, live blackjack is not based so much in luck or odds but on many other factors as well.

These additional factors can increase players chances to win in the long term against at any casino online.

Strategy, skill and judgement are all very important elements that live casino players must have in order to beat the live casino dealers.

While there is no guaranteed strategy or magic tips, we list 5 basic but powerful tips that can help every live blackjack player should keep in mind.

These live blackjack online tips are not strategy tips but just some basic info that players should always take in consideration. If you are looking for blackjack tips then you should check our 6 Blackjack tips that casinos don’t like you to know page

Decide your bankroll

Always decide your Bankroll prior to start playing so that you are not ending up spending money you shouldn’t because you are chasing losses. In addition you have to decide how much money you are happy to take and leave.

You might get to a situation that you are on a winning streak but that’s when things can go wrong. Decide the profit you are happy with and when you hit it, then call it a day. The live casino will be there everyday for you and you can play again following the same strategy.

Choose the right table

This tip is directly related to the bankroll. If you are going to be disciplined and play live blackjack with a specific bankroll  and strategy you need to consider the table limits.

The common advise here is that you should play at tables that require a minimum bet of no more than 5% of your bankroll.

That way you can control better your bankroll and you can play more games. Be careful, don’t play on a table with high limits just because the live blackjack dealer is attractive!

Know when to split

This is a very basic and common blackjack tip, but many blackjack players seem to forget about it  especially when they are playing live blackjack online. Splitting cards can work to your advantage most of the times.

You should always split cards when you’ve been dealt a couple of Aces or 8’s but you should never split 10’s or face cards.

Do not take Insurance

Card counting in live casinos is impossible, so there is no reason to take the Insurance, unless you are very confident or you have a “bad feeling”. But if you are following a basic strategy and want to play with more chances to win long term, you shouldn’t take the insurance.

Do not get drunk

The last tip doesn’t have to do with the blackjack game but is a general tip. It is nice to have a couple of drinks and relax while playing live blackjack at UK casinos online, however getting drunk can be quite dangerous for you strategy and bankroll.

The attractive live dealers can always distract you and you can get end up drinking a bit more that you were planning to and eventually forget about strategy, bankroll etc.