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Best Blackjack Betting Systems

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Whether you play online or in a live casino online, Blackjack remains the most popular game chosen by players all around the world. This is due to its great odds for the players compared o other gambling games but also the simple blackjack rules, making it fun and sometimes even profitable for a skilled card gamer.

But is it possible to use different blackjack betting systems to turn to try and maximise your profits when playing? Yes, it is.

Best Blackjack Betting Systems

Many different betting systems could help make the most of your winning streaks or minimise a choppy game’s damage.

Read our article to learn more about these systems and how you can apply them to your games. Don’t forget that in live dealer Blackjack you can also minimise the casino house edge by following a blackjack betting strategy chart.

Types of Blackjack Betting Systems

There are two main types of betting systems, negative progression and positive progression. This means that you will increase or decrease your next wager based on the previous hand’s outcome.

Positive progression strategies are there when you are on a winning streak and want to maximise your profits. They also help minimise your losses when you are on a bad run. You bet more after you win your previous wager.

Negative progression strategies are the opposite. You start increasing your bet after losing to recoup your losses quickly and win small profits every so often. They usually require a bigger bankroll to cover a long losing streak.

Whichever system you choose, you need to be consistent. Stick with the system until you decide to walk away. Chopping and changing strategies mid-game is not the best way to play.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the most popular betting strategies for online betting.

Blackjack Betting Strategy


Starting at the beginning, as blackjack betting strategies go, this is the most simple. It gives you complete control over your budget and helps you avoid risky situations.

This gambling strategy is just betting the same wager on every hand. Regardless of a winning or losing streak, you will play amount the same every time. As simple as it seems, you have to be disciplined with your bets or else risk losing big and overspending.

The benefit of sticking to a strict flat bet system is that you will minimise your losses over time. But of course, by the same measurement, you will also miss out on many opportunities to win big.

Oscar’s Grind

Named after a dice player who used invented the system to play Craps, Oscar’s Grind incorporates the benefits of both negative and positive progressions in a game.

It also has stringent rules that you need to follow or risk losing all of your money in a choppy game. Blackjack betting systems like Oscar’s Grind favours games that have a lot of winning streaks.

You have to track your losses and wins as well as set a winning goal and budget limit to use the system successfully. The clue is in the name. It is a grind until you make a profit.

How Does It Work?

You start by betting a single unit. If that bet loses, then you repeat the bet until you get a win. Once you win, you then use that stake and your winnings for the next bet.

If you lose, you need to keep placing the same bet until you are back in a profit. Once you are in a profit, the grind ends. You can then set a new target and start again.

You need a reasonable bankroll to make this method work. It is very easy to fall into a pit that you can not get out of and lose everything. Knowing when to call it a day is essential with this method.

blackjack table and live dealer

The Martingale System

This gambling strategy is a negative progression system and probably one of the most famous. It is used for Blackjack but also Roulette and Craps.

The system aims to go in harder on your losses to recoup them and get back in the black as quickly as possible.

It began in the 17th century when it was popularised in French casinos before spreading. A popular and widely-used blackjack strategy that is straightforward to do, and if you hit 21, you will make a small profit.

The Martingale System’s negatives are that it is extremely risky and requires you to have deep pockets to bankroll a long losing streak. It is usually a strategy people turn to after a few good wins and a fair bit of money on their side.

How Does It Work?

This system is popular because it is very easy to implement. Every time you lose a hand, you double your bet.

If you win, you keep your stake at the same amount. Be aware that it would only take 4 hands on the first bet of £10 to lose a £100 bankroll using this system.

The Manhattan System

All players will hit a lucky winning streak at some point. The Manhattan system or the 2-1-2 system rewards players who often hit hot streaks and want to maximise their profits.

It is one of the positive progression betting strategies to increase your bet on wins and reduce it when you lose. This way, you increase your chance of making the most profit off a string of successes. It is called the Manhattan strategy because the ups and downs of your betting are supposed to represent the skyline in New York.

It is a popular and easy system for beginners to pick up and run with. It is also a slow process giving you time to learn and understand as you move through the hands.

The key to making money on this strategy is knowing when to quit. You have to quit whilst you are ahead, like in all casino games. If you push your luck too far, you will lose far more than you can win.

How Does It Work?

You always start with a £2 wager as your first bet. If you win, drop your bet down to £1 for the next hand. When you win again, increase to £2 and by an additional £1 for every sequential winning hand. Once your winning streak ends, return to the initial bet of £2 and start again.

This reinvestment of your winnings helps you maximise your profits when you are on a winning streak. Your initial winning profits are also protected by dropping your stake after your first win.

The 1-3-2-6 System

Despite the fact that the blackjack betting strategy 1-3-2-6 has a complicated name, it is actually a fairly straightforward process. However, you will need to be able to make a few simple calculations in your head.

Some gamblers swear that this is the only system in which it is possible to make money. Others are put off as it requires a four-win streak to maximise any profits. It is a positive progression system with bets increasing after every successful wager. In other words, it is a progressive betting blackjack system!

How Does It Work?

The sequence begins after your first winning bet. So, if your starting unit is £10, then you will bet £10, £30, £20 and £60. You continue the sequence until you lose and then drop back down to your initial bet.

If your starting unit is £10 and you lose four hands in a row, you lose £40. However, each time you win, you increase your bet by the next number in the sequence.

Betting this way can be exciting and adds a degree of structure to the way you play. Many say this makes the game more enjoyable and reduces the risk of blowing your budget on one hand.

The Fibonacci Sequence System

If you have a head for numbers and a love of mathematics, this could be the system for you. It is one of the oldest systems following the Fibonacci numbers sequence, which can be seen throughout nature. It is a positive progressive blackjack system with bets increasing by the order of the sequence every time you win.

How Does It Work?

Each stake follows this sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 and onwards. Basically, you take your previous bet and add it to your current stake.

You can win big with this method, but it requires a pretty consistent winning streak to do so. Losses will also come big later in the sequence and take a long time to overturn. 

blackjack table

The D’Alembert System

We have left the most flawed of the systems till last. D’Alembert was a French mathematician who fell foul of the gambler’s fallacy, believing that a probability of an outcome can be changed by the outcomes that proceed it.

That said, it is still possible to use this method to make a profit. It is a negative progression system that increases your bet as you lose.

How Does It Work?

You increase your wager by your starting unit on each losing bet. So, if you bet £10 and win, your next wager will stay the same. If it loses, your next wager will be £20, and the next loss will be £30 and so on.

Once you win, again, you decrease your next wager by one starting unit until you are back at the original starting unit.

Finding the Right Blackjack Betting Systems

Hopefully, this article has given you ideas of some new blackjack betting systems to try with online betting that will give you an advantage.

Remember, no system will give you an advantage over the house edge, but if you play smartly and consistently, you can use the systems mentioned above to possibly steer you towards a profit in the long run.

If you enjoyed this article and are looking for somewhere new to try out your strategies, check out some of our online casino reviews to find the best casino for you. 

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