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Live Dream Catcher vs Spin A Win (Comparison)

Dream Catcher and Spin A Win are the two “Money Wheel” style casino games by Evolution Gaming and Playtech respectively. There is a lot of noise and excitement about these two live casino games and players seem to like them a lot. But are these two casino game shows exactly the same?

Live Dream Catcher vs Live Spin A Win

On this page we are looking at similarities and differences between the two games that we can find at the Best UK live Casinos of course.

Which Money Wheel game was introduced first?

Dream Catcher was the first game that appeared online and Spin a Win followed a few months later.

live dream catcher image

 Dream Catcher and Spin a Win are very popular for two main reasons

  • They have a multiplier of 7x and 2x that can trigger big wins
  • The presenter or live dealer or live spinner (you can call it any of these) is always very engaging and interactive with the players 
live spin a win

From a first glance the two games look very very similar ( and they are). Same numbers on the wheel, same multipliers, odds etc.

But if you take a closer look like we did you can easily spot some differences between the two games.

Differences between Dream Catcher and Spin A Win

Lets have a closer look at similarities and differences between live Dream Catcher and  live Spin A Win

Presentation of the game

Both game have the same layout and are presented in the same way with minor differences.

The only  difference we noticed here is the different colours on numbers 5 and 10. There is actually a swap of colours there.

Spin a win has 5 as Green and 10 as Purple while Dream Catcher has 5 as Purple and 10 as Green.

spin a win bets
dream catcher bets

The Money Wheel Speed

Something that we have noticed after playing many rounds on both games is that the Wheel is slowing down much faster on Dream Catcher compared to Spin A Win. So you can tell for example that the latch will stop in the next 5-6 numbers when its really slowing down in Dream Catcher.

This not so the same on Spin A Win as the latch is moving faster between the numbers even when the wheel is slowing down.

Let’s say that it looks like the latch on Spin A Win is a bit more loose compared to rigid Dream Catcher.

Spin a Win Wheel Result

Side bets

Spin A Win has some additional bets apart from numbers. Players can bet on Odd, Even and Multiplier as well.

These additional side bets create a slightly better RTP for Spin A Win. With so many 1s and 5s on the wheel, betting on Odd has the highest theoretical RTP of 97.22%. That high RTP has of course a low payout of 0.75:1. The highest RTP at both games if we exclude the side bets  is 96.58% for a bet on 10, paying out at 10:1.

Live dream catcher - 7x multiplier


A clear winner on this category too as Spin a Win displays the last 46 numbers while Dream Catcher has only 21.

This is an important element for players that want to bet based on trends and history. While this game is like live roulette from the perspective of probability and every spin is independent, there are a lot of players that are based their bets on trending numbers or numbers that haven’t appeared for a few spins. Different players have different style of play.

List of Winners

A very useful feature that is only available on Dream Catcher. After every round you get a list of winners on the left hand side so you have a good idea how many people are winning and what are the amounts they have won.

dream catcher chat and winners

Chat Facility

Both these live casino games have live chat enabled like every other game. However, Dream Catcher live chat is fully visible to everyone. So when players want to ask or say something to the presenter of the game, then everyone can see that.

We have noticed some unacceptable behavior from players that are blaming the presenter for the results of the game and for not winning. Some of these comments we believe are also boarder line for revealing a gambling problem. At we are committed to responsible gambling and we want to take this opportunity to encourage online operators to monitor closely the chat facility and maybe take any necessary steps towards players that are showing early signs of a gambling problem.

Other Useful Features

Autoplay: This is available only on Dream Catcher and is definitely a feature that a lot of players like because usually you bet on the same numbers.

Profit/Loss/History: This is also something that is available only on Evolution’s Dream Catcher. Players can see how much they have bet on each round and how much profit or loss they made.

Comparable features for the two games

FeatureDream CatcherSpin a Win
Results Displayed2146
List of WinnersYesNo
Chat FacilityYesYes
Side betsNoYes

Do we have a clear Winner?

Despite the fact that there are some minor differences as we can see between the two games, these are more or less the same. The most notable advantage are the extra side bets at Spin a Win but other than that it’s all a matter of personal choice. Most online casinos have either Playtech or Evolution live games so they have either Spin a Win or Dream Catcher with the exception of William Hill that has both.