Blackjack is one of the first live dealer casino games first which appeared a few years ago, and in addition, one of the few live dealer games which come in a number of varieties. One of the popular characteristics of this card game is that gamblers play against the house rather than facing each other like in poker for example. Again, most gamblers live dealer blackjack as it is a casino game with good winning odds; if played well and according to the basic blackjack rules, the casino’s edge is taken down to just 0.5%.

It is known that skilled players are capable of narrowing that advantage even further by using  their card counting techniques. If a blackjack player undergoes the right training, he can keep a count of all cards which have appeared in a game and consequently gain advantage over the casino. For years, card counters have advocated for the right to use this blackjack strategy in land based casinos. However, even the best live UK casinos are known to keep records of skilled counters and have the right to decline dealing or gambling with them.


Today, the best live casinos are offering you the chance to play blackjack with a real dealer from the comfort of your house. Is it possible for card counters to hone their skills with the online game putting in mind that a real physical deck will be used instead of a random number generator?

Although this question has been the subject of heated debates amongst gamblers, the theoretical answer to it is a Yes. If a player has good memory, nothing will keep them from mastering a strategy and hence use it to take advantage of the real webcam dealers introduced by online casinos.  However live casinos online are taking measures against card counting by using different number of decks, changing decks often etc.

Play Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer games run in a very similar way to normal online casinos. First, you will have to sign up for an account with an Online Casino, fund your account and choose the kind of live dealer game you would like to play. After completing the sign-up procedure, all you need to do is place a bet after which the dealer lays out all player cards. Currently, most casinos offer only two versions of the game. These are single player blackjack and multiplayer blackjack. Although the options are limited, it is anticipated that more versions will be introduced once this style of gambling becomes popular.