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Soiree Blackjack Live Tables

Soiree Live Blackjack is a VIP table with high betting limits by Playtech. It is ideal for live casino high rollers and this is usually the type of players that you will find on this blackjack table.

Soire Blackjack live dealer

Soiree Blackjack by Playtech has been created to compete with Salon Privee tables by Evolution Gaming. There are obviously differences between these VIP tables but they serve the same purpose which is to accommodate casino high rollers.

Initially, there was only one Soiree Blackjack table but today we can find a few variations of them with different minimum bets.

These include:

  • Soiree Blackjack (£50 minimum bet)
  • Soiree Elite Blackjack (£100 minimum bet)
  • Soiree Elite Blackjack 2 (£200 minimum bet)
  • Soiree Elite VIP Blackjack (£500 minimum bet)
Soire Blackjack tables

The maximum bet that someone can have on a single hand is £2,500 while the minimum bet is £50 depending on the table.

What you need to be aware of is that that some of these tables are open during limited hours, usually peak time GMT.

Rules, Side Bets and Other Features

This high roller blackjack table uses 8 pre-shuffled decks and has 7 seating positions. This means that it is not a private or exclusive table like the Salon Prive tables. Despite the fact that the minimum bet is high as well this table is usually quite busy.

The dealers in Soiree Blackjack draw to 16 and stand on all totals of 17.

Soire Live Blackjack side bets

When the table is full there is a waiting list feature that allows you to just watch or join the waiting list. In addition, there is the option to Bet Behind where you can place a bet on another players hand that has already

Live Soiree Blackjack has also a couple of classic side bets:

  • Player / Dealer Pair (Perfect, Coloured, Red / Black)
  • 21+3

Every dealer will stay on the table for a minimum of 30 mins. After the initial 30 minutes and if you are happy with the live dealer you can ask them to remain on the table. You can also ask for a shoe change or a reshuffle.

UK Casinos for Soiree Blackjack Live

Here is our choice of online casinos for this blackjack table.

Soiree Live Blackjack is just one of the high limit tables that you can find on these casinos. There are plenty more to choose from, some with lower betting limits but still high enough if you want to place some big bets.

Of course, this particular table has some extra features that will enhance your experience but since it is open only for limited hours you can try some of the other tables as well.

All the online casinos that we are listing on our site are regulated and licenced by the UK Gambling Commission. So you can rest assured that these are reliable and trustworthy online casinos.

Game Flow

  • Players place their main bets
  • After the betting round has been completed, players can use Hit, Stand, Double, Split and Insurance (if the dealer’s first card is an Ace) buttons to take action.
  • If a player does not make select one of the options, the hand will automatically Stand.
  • The round ends when all players make their choices and the dealer draws additional cards. If every player at the table busts (scores higher than 21), the round is over then and the dealer does not draw additional cards.

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