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Blackjack Surrender

blackjack surrender

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games offered. This is for good reason, as it is exciting, thrilling, and has a good combination of luck and strategy. 

Best of all, it has some of the most favourable odds of any game available. The house edge is usually at a maximum of 2%. However, you can lower this to 0.5% with the right strategy, and the most elite players can even spin those odds into their edge. 

One of the most underrated blackjack tables is Blackjack Surrender. But, what is this? How does it work? And, when should you do it? 

What Is Blackjack Surrender? 

Surrender is when you can give up your hand in blackjack in exchange for getting half of your original bet back. So this is a specific Blackjack rule that applies on specific tables that are always labelled as Blackjack Surrender. There are two types of Surrender:

  • Early Surrender where you can Surerender your hand when all cards have been dealt. If the dealer has an Ace you have the chance to Surrender before he peaks for Blackjack.
  • Late Surrender where you can Surrender before you get a 3rd card and after the dealer has checked for Blackjack.

Blackjack tables will usually have either the Early Surrender or Late Surrender option, not both.

When Should You Surrender? 

There are only four scenarios where a blackjack player should consider surrendering their cards, and below are the four situations where you should do it: 

  • Hard 16 vs Dealer 9
  • Hard 16 vs Dealer 10
  • Hard 16 vs Dealer Ace
  • 15 vs Dealer 10 

Based on the above, you can see that 16 is the worst hand that you can start within blackjack. There are not many scenarios where you are going to come out on top there unless you are up against a bust card or you have some luck on your side. 

All of these apply for Hard totals. With a Soft 16, you may still be able to get yourself out of that situation, and perhaps even double your bet in some cases.

Surrender does not apply with 16 if you have a pair of eights that you can split. 

As for 15, a 10 is the hardest card to be up against because at least with an Ace, you can hope for a low card that creates a soft total and forces the dealer to get an unlucky hit. But, with a 10, there is little room for cover if you are holding a 15 because you beat very few cards outright. 

Can I Play Live Blackjack Surrender

blackjack table

Unfortunately, Blackjack Surrender is not available in UK live casinos. It is very unlikely that we are going to see a Live Dealer Blackjack Surrender table soon so if you really want to play this game online your best option is an RNG Blackjack table.

No Shame in Surrender

Blackjack surrender is one of the most underrated strategic moves that you can make in the game. It is not a flashy move, and a lot of players do not like to quit, but it does save you half your bet. 

In the long run, veteran players know keeping half their bet on a bad hand like 15 or 16 can make the difference when it comes to the house edge.