Live Casinos on TV vs Land Based CAsinos

Thanks to TV Live Casinos in the UK, we now have more options when it comes to our gaming. Instead of going to your nearest land based casino you can play live casino from home and watch it on TV! Which one do you choose?

Each choice offers real casino action. Each offers you a secure, safe environment to make your wagers. So let’s look at some of the differences and potential advantages between UK Live Casinos online (on TV) and their land based counterparts.


TV Live Casinos in the UK offer a wider range of betting increments than you will ever find in a land based casino.  UK live casinos offer bets in increments of 25p to £100 for Live Roulette and £1 for Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat. Land based casinos rarely offer wagers of less than £5. The lower minimums allow new players to learn the game with very little risk. For those with a limited bankroll, the lower minimums offered by UK live casinos online gives the player the ability to build their stake without putting a significant percentage at risk on any one deal. For experienced players the lower minimums offer the opportunity to explore new strategies and systems at very low risk. Fine tuning a system at a fiver a pop can get expensive, at 25p per deal, testing your system is very affordable.


Land based casinos routinely offer you discounts on food and some merchandise after a certain amount of play.  UK live Casinos on TV offer cash right from the start. First time players routinely receive £10 or more simply for signing up to play. It’s easy to find matching deposit bonuses of up to £200, which is cleared based on your play.  During many of the casino live on TV programmes, the presenter will offer special limited time bonus offer for the players watching, meaning more cash for you.


During peak times, finding a spot at the table can be very frustrating. This is never a problem with the TV live casinos UK.

Game statistics

Roulette wheels at most land based casinos give you the history for the previous 17 spins. The UK TV lives casinos histories include hot and cold numbers, dozens percentages, red/black and even/odd percentages for up to 8 hours, as well as the last 10 to 12 results. The players at UK live casinos on TV have an incredible amount of information available to help with their wagers.

Game integrity

Land Based and Casino Live on TV both offer a safe, honest game. Casinos live on TV erases any fear that some player have about internet play and computer generated wheels. In both cases you see the dealer or the TV presenter drop the ball and watch until you have a result.


TV live Casinos in the UK are unmatched in terms of convenience. You can play on your computer, your smartphone or tablet. You can take a break whenever you wish for as long as you wish, and step right back up to the table when you’re ready. Try that at your typical casino. The play at a land based casino and on UK live casinos on TV is virtually identical. The bonuses and betting minimums at casinos live on TV are more to the players’ advantage.  The only things missing from the TV Live Casinos in the UK are the crowds and the travel time.