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Evolution Live Mega Ball

There is no description of Evolution’s Live Mega Ball Game that shouldn’t start with “Bingo on Steroids.” But don’t let that put you off, this next-generation bingo game is a ton of fun to play, and the prize money can be huge.

mega ball evolution

Despite the fact that this is not a classic live casino game show, you can find it along with all the other live casino game shows.

How to Play Live Mega Ball

It’s definitely not your Grandmother’s bingo game as you begin by buying up to 200 cards. Like many of Evolution’s new game-show style crossovers to the casino market, this one features a host, who’s there to build excitement, explain gameplay, and keep the pace.

mega ball live dealer

Cards are 5 Horizontal rows and 5 Vertical rows, which include two playable diagonal lines as well. For a total of 12 possible winning combinations. The square in the middle is wild, There are 51 balls in the specially built Evolution ball machine, of which 20 will be drawn for the first part of the game.

Then one ball will be drawn as the mega ball. If that ball completes one of your bingo lines, you not only win but win your bet times the multiplier. In some very rare cases, a second mega ball will be drawn.

Get your cards and start playing Mega Ball!

mega ball how to play

In order to start playing Live Mega Ball, you need of course to buy some cards. Cards can be purchased from £0.10 up to £100. You can purchase up to 200 cards at a time.

Up until the bet timer runs out, you can toggle between prices.

Perhaps, you have 10 cards at £0.25, but you feel lucky all of the sudden. You can toggle up to £1, and it will change every card to £1. This is especially handy if you play many dozens of cards at once.

Another interesting feature is the ability to change the numbers on an individual card.

You can hit refresh, and be given a different card with new numbers, but you must act before the timer runs out and gameplay starts.

The balls draw

Once the timer is done, your options are up, and it’s time to sit back and watch as 20 balls are drawn from the machine.

Most of the work is done for you as Evolution’s software will not only mark each number drawn on each of your cards, it will order the cards so you can see which ones have won, or are close to winning, as well as shown above each card what numbers need to be drawn for you to win.

The multiplier wheel

Now for the fun part, the host will spin the multiplier wheel and determine what our multiplier will be, then another ball is drawn. If that number helps you get all five numbers on your card either vertically, horizontally or diagonally you win the base payout times the multiplier.

In the rare instance, a second ball is spun on the wheel, you get the higher of the two multipliers and of course a chance to use that second ball to complete more lines on your card.

There is a payout section to the left that will help you understand your wins and losses, to the right is a list of the balls that have been pulled from the bingo drum, and in the middle, we have the cards that we bought.

The Evolution software will refresh them as numbers are pulled, showing which ones have won or are close to winning, building up the excitement.

The more lines per card the bigger the win. You will need one line to just break even if you didn’t close out the line with the mega ball. Of course the more lines per card, the bigger the win.

Winning LinesMultiplier
1 lineTie
2 lines4x
3 lines49x
4 lines249x
5 lines999x
6 lines999x

And of course, the mega ball can award 5x to 100x whatever you would have normally one, for some truly monster payouts.

Is Mega Ball the same as any Bingo game?

While we have called Live Mega Ball “Bingo on steroids” there are some important differences, you just want each card to have completed lines.

You’re not trying to beat somebody to “bingo.” This is a fast-paced game with a very different time structure than regular bingo.

The mega ball gives you the opportunity to win up to 999,999x your bet on a single card. Though in practice most casinos limit the max to £500,000


Evolution’s Live MegaBall is a pure joy to play. Whether you’re buying one ten cent card just to test your luck, or you want to buy 100 £10 cards per game, there’s plenty of room for every player type. If you’ve ever played bingo you can learn this game in just a few minutes, and the Evolution software and their hosts keep the game exciting and fresh.