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Evolution’s Gonzo Treasure Hunt Live

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is a mash-up of old and new ideas and showcases all of the unique new technology from Evolution. However, it highlights that we still have a long way to go finding innovative new ways to play these same old games.

Evolution bought up Netent, the famed slots provider, in September of 2020. This is the first game to come out of that marriage. Gonzo’s Quest Slots have been a massive hit for NetEnt for many years and someone at Evolution must have thought, “why don’t we take Gonzo’s quest and turn it into a live-action dealer game” and so they did.

And they did a beautiful job. They captured all the fun and excitement of Gonzo’s Quest with jaw-dropping animation and fun gameplay.

They added all the bells and whistles, including playing the game with a Virtual Reality Headset.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is not your classic live casino game show. It has a live-action host, but its outcome is still determined by Random Number Generators.

Players who love the Gonzo Quest titles’ clever gameplay and the eye-pleasing graphics that Evolution has become known for. But calling this a live dealer game is a bit of a stretch.

How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

There are 6 coloured stones we are searching for. Each pays a little differently.

Red65 to1
Blue20 to 1
Green8 to 1
Purple4 to 1
Orange2 to 1
Brown1 to 1

Pick which stones you will be looking for, then pick how many times you want to dig for that stone. Simple as that. £5 on the Red Stone, and you’re going to dig for it 3 times? That’s a £15 bet.

The number of digs you have purchased is designated with handprints. The wall will be sealed up, and the stones will move around. Then touch or click where you want to dig before the clock runs out.

Don’t panic; if you haven’t made all your dig picks by the time the clock is up, the game will assign them for you. Also, the live host and Gonzo are right there to walk you through each round of the game.

Multipliers and added bonuses

To build a little suspense and build up the payouts, Gonzo unlocks the prize drop part of the game. These are just bonuses or multipliers that slide down the wall.

If they are on stones you have selected, they will add to or multiply your winnings if the stones you are digging for are underneath.

In some games, a Redrop will occur, adding to the multiplier and bonuses. In very rare cases, up to 10 of these Redrops may occur. They just continue to add value to the stones. Hopefully, the stones you have selected.

Then it’s time to show where all of the stones have ended up. The Big Reveal shows all of the stones to the audience. All of the ones you picked correctly are highlighted, along with bonuses and multipliers from the Prize drops and re-drops.

Your winnings will splash across the middle of the screen. The maximum multiplier per stone is 20,000x your bet, and wins are capped at £1 million per game, which is still a very generous max payout.

You can only pick a maximum of twenty stones, and of course, the more you choose, the more you’ll pay. All of the stones have roughly the same house edge within just a few tenths of a percent of 3.5%. So, which stones you pick doesn’t matter as much as finding the right balance of the number of digs vs. relative payout. Unlike almost all other Evolution live dealer games, there are no screens showing past history.

Where you can play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

This game is very popular at the moment so it will not be difficult to find it and give it a go. If you already have an account with an Evolution live casino then you just need to head to the live casino game shows section of the live casino games lobby.


Gorgeous graphics, big bonuses, and addictive betting rounds are all features we look for in fast-paced slot games. Evolution’s new Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live has all that in spades.

If you get a chance to play the game in Virtual Reality, not only will you be blown away, but you will feel like your looking at the future of I-gaming.

There aren’t any spinning reels or Giant 7’s, but it plays like a slot bonus round, and the RNGs that govern it make it play like a slot bonus round. Don’t get us wrong, it’s immersive and slick and a LOT of fun to play.

Certainly, the millions of people who love the Gonzo Quest slot titles can’t be wrong, but at its heart, it feels like a slot game with a live dealer bolted on at the last second.