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Common Terms and Conditions in Live Casino Bonuses

Even the best live casino bonuses come with certain terms and conditions that prevent players from withdrawing their winnings immediately. It wouldn’t make much sense for a casino to let this happen, right? In this article, we’re going to shed light on something extremely important yet often overlooked – the terms and conditions of live casino bonuses.

You’ve probably noticed the phrase ‘terms and conditions apply’ with a few significant T&Cs attached to nearly every bonus offer. But what does this exactly mean, why is it so critical, and what details are hidden in these terms and conditions?

Important Terms and Conditions in Casino Bonuses

The below T&Cs apply not only to live casino bonuses but to all types if bonuses that you can get in a online casino.

Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

In the world gambling, when it comes to sports of casino bonuses, wagering requirements are the first term you’ll likely stumble upon and the most important one to be aware of. This term represents the number of times you’re required to bet the bonus amount before you can withdraw your winnings.

Let’s say you’ve received a casino bonus of £100 with a 30x wagering requirement. This means that you’ll need to make bets totaling £3,000 (£100 x 30) before you can withdraw any winnings tht came as a result of the bonus. The trick here is either to aim for bonuses with lower wagering requirements or to play with higher stakes to wager faster if you can. The latter is a riskier tactic as you might lose your balance quickly if you don’t land any significant wins.

Game Restrictions

Certain bonuses are game-specific. This means that they are only valid for particular games such as live poker or blackjack. Any bets you place on games outside of these won’t contribute towards your wagering requirements. For example, if your £20 bonus is only valid for slot games or RNG blackjack, spending it on live roulette won’t count. This is extremely important when it comes to live casino games as there are a few casino bonus offers out there that have wagering restrictions in games like live roulette in order to prevent bonus abuse.

Time Limits

Time is of the essence when it comes to live casino bonuses. Most bonuses come with a time limit, which could be anything from 24 hours to a couple of months. It’s crucial to know how much time you have to use your bonus and meet the wagering requirements. For instance, if you have a £50 bonus with a 7 day limit, you’ll need to use it and meet the wagering requirements within a week.

Bet Limits

To prevent players from meeting wagering requirements too quickly, casinos often set a limit on how much you can bet using bonus money. For example, if you have a £100 bonus with a £5 maximum bet limit, you can’t place a single £100 bet. Rather, you’d need to spread it out into smaller bets, such as twenty £5 bets.

Maximum Win Cap

Some casinos cap the amount you can win from a bonus. This means that even if you win more than the cap, you can’t withdraw the excess. If a casino has a £500 win cap on a £100 bonus, any winnings over £500 will be voided.

Bonus Abuse Policy

Finally, casinos employ policies to prevent ‘bonus abuse,’ where players attempt to exploit the system to amass more bonus money. These rules could include only one bonus per household or restrictions on certain deposit methods.

In conclusion, understanding the terms and conditions of live casino bonuses is just as important as the bonus itself. While bonus offers can be enticing, always remember to read the fine print before opting in. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Wagering RequirementsThe number of times the bonus amount must be bet before winnings can be withdrawn£100 bonus, 30x wagering: £3,000 total bets required
Game RestrictionsBonuses might only be valid for specific games, bets on other games don’t count£20 bonus only valid for live roulette
Time LimitsThe duration within which the bonus must be used and wagering requirements met£50 bonus with a 7-day limit
Bet LimitsMaximum limit on how much can be bet using bonus money£100 bonus with a £5 max bet limit
Maximum Win CapThe top limit of winnings that can be earned from a bonus£500 win cap on a £100 bonus
Bonus Abuse PolicyRules to prevent the system from being exploited for extra bonus moneyOnly one bonus per household or restrictions on certain deposit methods