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One Blackjack by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play One Blackjack

Blackjack is the most widely played casino game in the world. One Blackjack by Pragmatic Play represents an innovation to this classic card game. If you are partial to a game of Blackjack, One Blackjack is undoubtedly for you since it keeps all the thrills of the traditional game with some modern twists.

What is One Blackjack?

In essence, One Blackjack is the classic game we all know and love but with the difference that this Blackjack table can host an unlimited number of players. So it is what we call an Unlimited Blackjack table.

This limitless number of players can all play the same blackjack hand at the same time. This means the outcomes of each hand are specific to each individual since the result will depend on how each decides to play. The game is massively scalable. Therefore, anywhere from hundreds to thousands of players can play on this live dealer blackjack simultaneously.

Despite the vast number of players, it is still played as though you are the only person at the table. One of the key standout features of this game is that you are guaranteed a seat whenever you play.

One Blackjack is designed to be accessible for all players. So, whether you are a low-stakes or high-stakes player, you will be able to have some fun with Pragmatic Play’s offering.

Staking ranges from £1 and rises all the way up to £5,000 per hand.

This accessibility makes the game perfect for novices and expert players alike. The low stakes mean that people who are new to Blackjack can play without risking much money. This makes One Blackjack an excellent game for those looking to learn the ropes of the classic card game.

With its beautiful presentation of gold and purple, the game delivers an opulent setting for those who play. Despite this, it still provides an open and safe space for those looking to learn the game’s basics, such as hitting and splitting.

With a return to player of 99.28%, One Blackjack is just as good to play as the classic seven-seat version.

However, it is played at a much faster pace since only one hand is played at a time. It is, therefore, a much more exciting game than traditional Blackjack in many ways.

How to Play One Blackjack

If you are familiar with the game, you won’t notice any big changes when playing One Blackjack. However, you might see some subtle differences when you take your seat.

The most prominent change is that you will be the only player at the table. Once your cards have been dealt, they are then placed in a translucent container at the centre of the table.

standard blackjack table rules

Your cards are subsequently displayed as images on the screen.

Any new card dealt to you due to your decisions will also be placed in the container. The image representing your hand will update once it’s in the box.

You can play the hand as you see fit. You might continue to see cards being dealt on the screen once you have finished the round by either standing or busting. There is no need to worry about this as this is simply demonstrating how the other players on the table are playing the same hand. Your result will stand as you played it.

Once the players have finished the round, the dealer will then complete their hand. All of the players whose hand beats the dealer will receive a payout relative to their stake.

If the dealer wins, you will lose your stake, and if you have the same hand, your stake will be repaid to you.

Six Card Charlie rule

Additionally, One Blackjack is played by the Six Card Charlie rule. This means that if you have six cards in your hand at the end of the round but haven’t bust, you automatically win. This is true even if the dealer hits a blackjack!

Side Bets in One Blackjack

One Blackjack includes four optional side bets. These are there to maximise the fun of the game and offer the opportunity for big returns from a relatively small stake. However, you should beware when playing with side bets as they are far from an easy way of making money.

The first type of side bet is 21+3. This uses the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. If these cards form a poker hand, you can receive a decent payout.

Side Bets in One Blackjack

Next is the Perfect Pairs side bet. This pays out if the player’s hand contains a pair. The payout varies depending on the type of pair you have in your hand.

The Bust Bonus side bet is almost akin to an insurance bet. This pays when the dealer’s hand results in a bust. The more cards in the dealer’s hand when they bust, the bigger the eventual payout.

The final side bet the game offers players is Crazy 7. This uses the first two cards in your hand and the face-up card in the dealer’s hand. The side bet pays out when a seven is present. The more sevens, the higher the payout.