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Live Quantum Blackjack by Playtech

Live Quantum Blackjack is a brand new live blackjack game by Playtech that is bringing a new twist to traditional blackjack tables.


Because it is the first live blackjack game that involves multipliers! And multipliers mean bigger wins!

Until now we have seen random multipliers in live roulette games like Lightning Roulette or Quantum Roulette. Ok, these multipliers are much higher than this blackjack table but we are looking at two different games where odds and house edge are much different.

So Quantum Blackjack Live comes with 3 multipliers of 3x, 5x and 10x which makes it very special and one of the top live casino games online for blackjack.

Let’s have a look at how these play out in the game.

How to play Live Quantum Blackjack

The way you play Live Quantum Blackjack is exactly the same way you play on any live blackjack table.

This is a classic 8 deck table and the aim of the game is the same as always: try to draw 21 or just beat the dealer’s hand. But…

There’s also the addition of Quantum Multipliers!

So after you place your bet and just before the dealers give you any cards, the multipliers appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

These are up to three special cards from a deck. Each card is assigned a multiplier – either 3x, 5x or 10x.

If you beat the dealer with a hand that contains any special cards, your winnings will be multiplied accordingly!

If you have two special cards in a winning hand, the two multiplier values will be multiplied and that total will then be multiplied to your total win!

Live Quantum Blackjack has a theoretical RTP between 99.47% – 95.90%

Quantum Blackjack is an Unlimited Blackjack table which means that there is one hand for all players. It is also a low stakes live blackjack table with a minimum bet of £1.

Side bets and payouts of the game

quantum blackjack payouts
Payout Table at Quantum Blackjack

Like most live blackjack tables these days, this table has the two classic side bets 21+3 and Perfect Pairs.

The payouts depend on the multipliers as well. As we can see from the table below, the payouts for winning with a blackjack hand or just a standard hand vary and this is because the final payout will be affected by the existence or not of multipliers.

Another thing you need to keep in mind for this table is that if the dealer busts with 3 cards then it’s a Push!

Overall, this is a great new blackjack table with a great twist of added multipliers which gives players an extra motive to play on it.

AS we have already mentioned this is a Playtech game so you can play it in one of our recommended casinos that are powered by Playtech.

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