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Labouchere Roulette System

The Labouchère roulette system also referred to as the spilt martingale or the cancellation system is a strategy for gambling in roulette. Before placing a bet, users of this strategy decide the amount of money they want to win and then write down a list of positive numbers which add up to the pre-set amount.

For every bet, the amount staked by the player is equal to the sum of the first and last number listed. If one number is the only one remaining, then that is the stake amount. If the bet is a success, the two amounts on the list are removed.

If unsuccessful, the amount a player loses is added to the end of the list. This process will go on until either the list gets crossed out completely or until the player’s bankroll has run out.


How does the Labouchere roulette system

For you to use the Labouchere roulette system, you must set a goal for the amount of money you want to win. Usually, the easy way is expressing this is in a certain number of units where the value of the unit is any amount you like.

If for example an individual would like to win £100 they can set the value of a unit at £10, this implies that the goal is winning ten units.

The moment you know the number of units you would like to win, it’s advisable to break them down into small numbers which you’ll write down in line.

The following number sequence can be used for the example above.

1 2 3 2 2

The key is that the numbers sum up to ten. Crossing off five of the numbers from your sheet implies you have attained your goal.

You can make money bets such as red/black or odd/even with the Labouchere roulette system just like in many other systems. By adding together the first and last numbers from your line then wagering that many units you will be able to determine your bet size. In the above example, 1 and 2 are the numbers at the line ends. The unit total will be three implying the first bet will be £30.

On winning the bet, the numbers used to make the bet are crossed. The line will now be like this:

2 3 2

The next bet will be for £40 (adding 2 and 2 to make a unit total of four). If say the bet is lost, the total unit number is added onto the line and it will look like this:

2 3 2 4

Now, the next bet will be for £60 (adding 2 and 4 to make a unit total of six).

A person needs to continually make bets till the line is entirely wiped out so as to see this system all the way through. It’s at this point that a person completes the Labouchere roulette system and the goal set before starting will have been attained.

Advantages of the Labouchere Roulette System

The very obvious advantage is that a player doesn’t need to score wins that are constant to meet their goal eventually.

Winning just a third of the time is sufficient to maintain a player‘s line as they only need to add one number to the line every time they lose but cross two numbers off every time they win.

Just like the Martingale, if a player hits a losing streak, they need to increase their bets. The difference however is that unlike Martingale where bets double, the effect is less severe making it manageable for many players.

Disadvantage of the Labouchere Roulette System

The fact that there isn’t any guarantee absolutely to overcome the house edge is probably Labouchere roulette betting system’s largest disadvantage. Nevertheless, this system of negative progression helps players generate wins which may cover up their losses and minimize the house advantage.

*All betting systems involve some kind of risk and Best UK Live Casinos recommends casino players to gamble responsibly