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High Limit Roulette Online

high stakes roulette tables

High rollers and VIP casino players love roulette and this is no surprise! This is why the high limit roulette online tables are always busy and are usually occupied by casino high rollers.

Most land based casinos will have a “special” roulette table with high betting limits.

Things are even better for roulette high rollers when they play online though.


Because there are usually plenty of live roulette UK tables with high limits which means that players have more choice.

High Limit Roulette Online tables with live dealers

Most, if not all high rollers will tell you that playing with live dealers online is much better option compared to the Random Number Generator (RNG) games. Not only for roulette but for any casino game like blackjack or baccarat.

In addition, live dealer games have much higher limits which make these tables ideal for high stakes.

However, not all online casinos have the same table limits on their live dealr games. Some casinos have specific branded tables with very high limits that go beyond the average limits that you can find around. Or they just up the limits on some of the standard roulette tables they offer.

This is why we did some research for you and shortlisted the best UK live casinos that have high limit roulette online tables. We based our choices on:

  • The number of roulette tables with high limits
  • Special promotions and bonuses for High Rollers

Online Casinos With High Roller Roulette Limits

William Hill Live Casino

£25,000Max. Bet
£25,000Max. Bet
  • High Stakes Roulette Tables
  • Roulette VIP - £25,000

    WH Roulette - £25,000

    Vegas Speed Roulette - £25,000

    A lot of tables with £4,000 and £8,000 max limits

Live Roulette Casino

£10,000Max. Bet
£10,000Max. Bet
  • High Stakes Roulette Tables
  • Live Exclusibve Ruulette - £10,000

    VIP Roulette - £10,000

    Lightning Roulette - £10,000

    The great majority of the 28 different roulette tables have limits of £10,000!

As we can see from the tables above, there are plenty of roulette tables for high rollers on these casinos.

As we have mentioned earlier this is the main advantage when you play online compared to your local brick and mortar casino.

William Hill live casino has by far the highest betting limits with a few tables at £25,000.

Don’t forget that William Hill has 2 sections with live roulette games, one with Playtech and one with Evolution Gaming tables. The £25,000 limit tables are located at the Live Casino section with the Evolution Gaming tables.

Royal Panda has also many tables with a maximum bet of £10,000 including the very succesfull Lightning Roulette. This can be a great table for roulette high rollers, considering the fact that your bet can be multiplied up to 500 times!

The same roulette table with the same table limits is available at Actually, the majority of live roulette tables there have a 10K limit which means that high stakes players have a lot of choice ( there are 26 different roulette tables).