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Why do casinos change live dealers?

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If you are a regular live casino games player either in a land-based casino or in online live casinos then you must have noticed that the live dealers change very frequently. There is no way that the same live dealer will stay on the same table for more than an hour.

But why do casinos change live dealers?

We have done our research on this topic and combined it with our own experience as well to establish the main reasons that casinos change dealers.

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Live Dealers Change in Order to Avoid Errors

Dealing cards for Blackjack, Poker or Baccarat or spinning the roulette ball and wheel is a repetitive task. When you are executing a repetitive task for a long time sometimes you switch off and it all becomes automatic and that’s when there is more of a chance for an error.

Think about when you are driving for a long time, especially on a motorway. After driving for a while on a motorway your brain switches to autopilot as you just have to constantly do the same thing, keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

This is not just a theory. There are numerous research papers discussing this. For example, you can have a look at just the first line of the abstract on this research paper that says ” Humans engaged in monotonous tasks are susceptible to occasional errors”.

The same logic applies to every repetitive task and this is the case with live dealers. In fact, the live dealer’s job is even harder because apart from doing their actual job, they also have to communicate with the players, announce results and in land-based casinos make manual payments as well.

So as you can imagine this involves multitasking as well which makes it even easier to make errors especially when the procedure is repetitive.

Casino Live Dealers Need a Break

As we have explained above the job of a live dealer is not easy as it involves repetitive multitasking. Like in every job, it is good to take regular breaks in order to keep fresh and fit for the job.

This is another main reason what casinos change dealers every 20 to 40 minutes or in extreme cases 60 mins.

They want their employees to be fit to do their job properly and the live dealers need their breaks in order to have some food, go to the toilet or even take some fresh air!

Players Prefer Different Live Dealers

A lot of casino players like to see different live dealers on the table that are gambling. Some, because they might be having bad luck and believe that a change of live dealer will change their luck while others just like to see a new face on the table.

For regular casino players, it might also be the case that they have a favourite live dealer and that dealer.

Whatever the reason is, the fact is that if you ask 10 casino players if they prefer to play with the same live dealer for an hour or have 2-3 dealers in that period they prefer the latter.

These are the main reasons that casinos change their live dealer often and rotate them around different tables and games.

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Controversial theories why casinos change live dealers

Now let’s have a look at some controversial opinions about casinos changing live dealers, that we believe are closer to myths than reality and we explain why.

The dealer and the player can work together

This controversial opinion claims that casinos change the dealers often because they don’t want the player and the dealer to become very familiar with each other. Being familiar with each other can lead them to work together to defraud the casino.

So, moving them tables from time to time will make it difficult for any illegal activity to take place on a specific table.

However, this can’t be the case today because in land-based casinos there are a lot of cameras all over the casino and the tables that monitor the dealers and players activities.

Also, there is usually the pit boss that is moving around tables checking that everything is functioning properly.

Of course, this can’t be the case in online casinos anyway because the live dealer never sees the players, all the procedures are checked electronically by software (like the cards) and payments are made automatically.

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Casinos may ask a dealer to change tables or take a break if the players are on a winning streak

This is one of the most controversial opinions and the one that doesn’t make sense at all when you play in online live casinos at least. This theory has derived from some players personal experiences where they had a winning streak and then the casino changed the live dealer and they started losing.

Yes, this sounds very suspicious but it is not if you know how live dealers shifts work.

We know that live dealers are working on set shifts between tables. Especially when it comes to live casinos you can time it very accurately and know exactly when the live dealer will change on the table.

So it is more likely the case that the dealer will have taken a break or go anyway regardless if a player is losing or winning. Apart from that, the fact that a player is winning, doesn’t mean that all the other players on the table are winning unless that player is the only one on the table.

Finally, how many casino live dealers have you heard going public claiming that the casino asked them to move to a different table because a player was winning?

Surely, if this was the case we would have heard many stories from live dealers supporting this argument. It is the same as claiming that live casinos games are rigged. There is no proof for these claims unless we accept that all the live dealers are part of a conspiracy and are keeping quiet.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that some casino players will still believe the controversial theories more than the simple reasons that casinos change their dealers often and rotate them between different tables. But according to tour research, the reasons that live dealers change tables during their shifts are more practical rather than any type of conspiracy against players.

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