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Live casino games streaming studios

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Live dealer games are booming the last few years. The quality of live streaming and the technology behind live casinos have evolved a lot in the last decade. In the past, there were just a handful of software companies with relatively small live casino studios in a couple of countries.

Today things are totally different. There are many live casino software providers, big live casino studios where the games are streamed from in many different countries and high tech technology.

Live Casino Studios

So you could be playing Live Roulette in a the UK and the live dealer on your screen might be in Latvia or even Costa Rica! A lot of players are not aware of this and they only realise it if another player asks the live dealer where are they from or where is the live dealer studio located.

There are three different types of live casino streaming today:

  • Live Casino Streaming Studios where games are streamed from a custom build studio
  • Streaming from Land Based Casinos where there is a dedicated table and live dealer
  • Dual Play Streaming from Land Based Casinos where online players can join a land-based roulette table

In the past, we used to have mainly live dealer streaming studios and just a handful of land-based streaming tables. The land-based tables were operating privately for live streaming at specific hours of the day.

Today things are different and despite the fact that live casino studios are still the main place where games are streamed from there are also plenty of the other types as well.

Live Casino Video Streaming Quality

Since live dealer games were first launched online, there has been a massive upgrade on the live streaming quality and special features. Casino games used to be streamed mainly from land-based casinos.

There used to be a single camera and no additional camera views. Graphics were making it hard for players to distinguish cards and numbers sometimes.

There was also no interaction with the live dealer and there were no special features like a list of winners, bonus bets etc. 

But through the years this has changed. The introduction of purpose-built gaming studios around the world has assisted to overcome and improve many aspects of the live streaming quality.

  • Players have today the option to chat and interact with the live dealers
  • There are multiple camera angles
  • Image quality is top-notch with High Definition cameras.

In addition, some providers allow you the option to change the quality of the streaming in the settings option. This is in case your internet speed is not so good or it has a temporary problem. This is another step to ensure a great player experience.

There are massive amounts of data required in order to bring you the HD stream, So if your connection is slow then your computer will struggle.

Locations of Live Dealer Studios

Most UK live casinos are using one or more of the biggest live casino software providers like Evolution Gaming, Playtech, NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. However, there are a few smaller live casino software providers with studios all over the world.

Here is an up to date list of live dealer studio locations for some of the biggest software providers by continent:

  • Riga in Latvia (Evolution , Ezugi and Playtech studios)
  • San Jose in Costa Rica (Ezugi and Visionary Gaming)
  • Malta (Evolution)
  • Manilla in Philippines (Playtech Asia)
  • Toronto in Canada (Microgaming)
  • Tallinn in Esthonia (Amaya/HoGaming)

There are more locations where live dealer games are streamed from like the Isle of Man but these are smaller studios that are currently used just by a few UK Casinos operators.

A few of these smallest live dealer streaming studios or land-based casinos where games are streamed from have their own native live dealers. But we can also find dedicated language tables with native speaking croupiers in the big studios in Latvia and Malta.

Live Casino Studios in the UK

Since the departure of NetPlay TV ( Jackpot247 and, it is very rare to find live dealer streaming studios based in the UK. What we have instead are roulette tables on land-based casinos that are streamed live from the casino floor, mainly Dual Play Roulette tables.

These roulette tables are provided by Evolution and are streamed in real-time from land-based casinos like:

  • Grosvenor’s Victoria Casino, London
  • Hippodrome Casino, London
  • Palm Beach Casino (Mayfair), London
  • Genting Resorts World Birmingham
  • Genting Casino Manchester
  • Les Ambassadeurs Club, London

The only exception is the Mayfay Salle Privee which is a live streaming studio that is built-in Les Ambassadeurs Club in London.

Authentic Gaming has also launched their first roulette table that is streamed directly from an Aspers Casino in London in 2019.


Apart from being a popular destination for a crazy stag and hen do, Riga in Latvia is the city with the most live dealer streaming action.

Evolution has one of the largest live dealer studios based there while the Online Gaming giant Playtech has also opened the words largest live casino studio in 2017.

This live casino studio is located in Riga Old Town and is 8,500 square meters which is a massive area compared to the next biggest studio to date.

So the majority of live casino games that you play online are streamed live from Latvia because most live casinos online have Playtech or Evolution games,

Next time you play Live Roulette or Live Blackjack at bet365 live casino, you know that the live streaming you are watching is most likely from Latvia!

Lets make it visual

The team at decided to create a small Infographic about Live Casino games streaming studios locations, so you can read a few facts about live casinos and also have a snapshot of where these studios are located.

This Live Casino infographic includes only the main Live Casino software providers that are used by the Best UK Live Casinos Online.


  • Evolution Gaming and Playtech are leading the market
  • The studios might be scattered around the world but Latvia is the capital of live casino studios
  • Some Live casino games in the UK are broadcasted directly from land-based casinos

Have a look at our most recent infographic about live casino games by Evolution and Playtech.