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De-Bunking the Top 5 Live Casino Myths

Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in the UK, with around 32% of the population indulging in some sort of gambling activity every week. 

Whenever there are a large number of people involved in something, you can bet that myths will emerge before long. Even the best live casinos are no exception. There are several well-known myths surrounding online casinos, but how do you separate fact from fallacy?

live casino myths

Live Casino Myths

Let’s delve into the truth about online casinos, right now.

The Myth About Online Casinos been Rigged

There are very few unscrupulous online casinos nowadays. Strict licensing regulations and regular audits ensure they follow the rules of fair play.

Random number generators put in place by the software developer control the outcome of each game. This makes it impossible for casinos to rig their games. 

It isn’t in a casino’s best interest to earn a bad name among online players, especially since bad reviews spread rapidly over the internet.

Live Casino Myths About Strategy

There are so many myths around this topic, that it’s hard to single out one. The following three things people believe about online casinos are all untrue:

  • Keeping tabs on past outcomes or ‘patterns’ helps you predict your chances of winning
  • Slots games have ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spurts
  • Card counting is illegal

When you regularly play card games like Ultimate Texas Holdem or blackjack you could stumble upon a winning strategy, but this is likely to come from experience more than anything else. 

Gambling Sites Are Unsafe

Your credit or debit card details are no more at risk when you use an online casino than when you perform any transaction online. In fact, online casinos know they’re an attractive target for cybercriminals and have extremely stringent security measures in place. 

They use the latest technology to ensure your data’s encrypted when you deposit and withdraw funds at an online casino.  

The Truth About Online Casinos and Payouts

Some people believe that if you win big at an online casino, you’ll never receive your winnings. The truth is that when you land a big win or a jackpot win, for example, there are more checks that need to be done from the online casino before they release your money. In most cases, this is straight forward and you get your money within the normal timescales ( i.e. 3-5 working days for a withdrawal in a card).

However, there are occasions when your account might not be fully verified, or the online casino will have to do some due diligence to make sure there is nothing dodgy behind the scenes.

From our experience, if your account is verified and there is nothing shady going on you should receive your money quite easily and within the required timescales.

If you’re persistent and patient about them paying out your winnings, you’ll get the funds. 

If You Play Long Enough You’ll Eventually Win

It could happen that you hit a winning streak, but it’s unlikely. There’s a higher possibility that you’ll walk away when your funds have run out than after a win. It’s human nature to believe that there’s something better around the next corner. 

The programmes behind online casino games treat each game as an independent event. That means the odds are the same at the start of each one. It’s the same as rolling the dice in a game of craps, each roll happens independently of the previous one. 

It’s a certainty that the house wins in the long run, or else casinos would go out of business. Another certainty is that if you don’t play you’ll never win. 

Are You Curious About What Online Casino’s Are Really Like? 

We hope you feel a little more confident about gaming online now that you’re familiar with the truth about online casinos and live casino myths.

If you to enjoy playing casino games online for entertainment, take a look at some of our recommended sites. You’re bound to find one that appeals to your sense of fun and where you can play all the latest live casino games like Live Spin a Win or Live Lightning Roulette.