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Crazy Time vs Adventures Beyond Wonderland

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Live Casino Game Shows are a recent concept in the live casino industry. The first casino game show with live dealers was Evolution’s Dream Catcher with Playtech’s Spin a Win following shortly after. But since then live casino game shows have become even more exciting and entertaining. How? With the addition of bonus rounds! Evolution’s Crazy Time and Playtech’s Adventures Beyond Wonderland are by far the most popular live casino games shows at the moment because of these bonus rounds!

Crazy Time vs Advertures Beyond Wonderland

But which one is better Crazy Time or Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

Let’s have a look at these two games in a bit more detail and compare their bonus rounds, RTP, special features and overall entertainment!

Common features between Crazy Time and Adventures Beyond Wonderland

First of all, both Crazy Time and Adventures Beyond Wonderland are money wheel games also known as lucky wheels.

The way these games work is identical. There is a Big Wheel and a Live Dealer/Presenter that is presenting the game and also spinning the wheel.

In both these games, you can bet on the Numbers of Bonus Rounds! You can place multiple bets covering numbers and bonus rounds.

Both these games have 54 segments on their wheels and use the additional element of a Random Number Generator to enhance some of the players wins during the normal gameplay and also during bonus rounds.

Main differences between between Crazy Time and Adventures Beyond Wonderland

All the basic elements of these two live casino game shows are very similar but there are some major differences when it comes to bonus rounds, RTP and even payouts. Let’s have a look at these:

Bonus Rounds

Crazy Time has 4 bonus rounds compared to Adventures Beyond Wonderland that has 3. Here is a breakdown of the bonus rounds for each game including the RTP.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Bonus Rounds

Bonus RoundSegmentsRTP
2 Wonderspins396.66%
5 Wonderspins196.67%
Magic Dice296.58%

Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

Bonus RoundSegmentsRTP
Coin Flip495.70%
Cash Hunt295.27%
Crazy Time194.41%
Adventures Beyond Wonderland Bonus Rounds

When we refer to bonus rounds we don’t include the Random Multipliers on numbers or Bonus rounds that you can get from these games that are called Top Spin in Crazy Time and Mystery Spins in Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

Mystery Spins are part of the Wheel, occupying 2 segments while Top Spins is a mini-game with a multiplier that appears nearly in every game round.


There is not much of a difference when it comes to RTP in both these game shows. Crazy Time’s top RTP is 96.08% while Adventures Beyond Wonderland RTP is 96.06%.


When it comes to how much you win on these games, it is a bit tricky to compare them because the payouts fluctuate so much during the gameplay and depend on a lot of factors like the random multipliers for example.

The volatility is very high in both games but from our personal experience, Crazy Time is much more volatile especially in Bonus Rounds. Adventures Beyond Wonderland is less volatile and pays smaller amounts more frequently but we have seen some big multipliers there as well.

Both games however have a maximum payout up to 500.000 in their bonus rounds.

Conclusion: Which one is better? Crazy Time vs Adventures Beyond Wonderland

As most features in these two live casino game shows are similar, it comes down to which one you find more entertaining.

If you are chasing bonus rounds, Crazy time by Evolution might have more potential for big wins, however, it is very volatile and you might end up losing a lot before you land a prolific bonus round. From our personal experience, we have seen massive wins but have also seen many rounds without any bonus games or with bonus games that pay very small multipliers. This can lead to frustration and you might end up hating this game very soon.

On the other hand, Adventures Beyond Wonderland by Playtech might have periods where bonus rounds don’t come in very frequently but these periods are not usually very long as the game is less volatile and the bonus rounds usually pay an acceptable multiplier.

Frequently asked Questions

Which game was created first Crazy Time or Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

Evolution launched Crazy Time in June 2020 and Playtech launched Adventures Beyond Wonderland a few months later in November 2020

Are Crazy Time and Adventures Beyond Wonderland Rigged?

A lot of players get frustrated with the lack of bonus rounds for many rounds in these games and are assuming that the games are rigged. As we have explained, there are periods during the gameplay where bonus rounds don’t appear very often or don’t pay as much as players expect to, but this is because these games are very volatile, especially Crazy Time.

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