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5 Roulette Strategies and Systems Explained

Best Roulette Strategies explained

Roulette is one of the most widely played casino games throughout the world. Whether you’re playing it online or in-person, very few things can match the thrill this brings. It’s very much a game that revolves around percentages as there are multiple ways you can place a bet to win money.

As a result, there are various ways in which you can approach a game of roulette when you play online or at a land based casino. This has led to multiple strategies being created by top players. A good roulette strategy is always a good way to make the game more interesting.

Best Roulette Strategy?

Let’s have a look at 5 popular ones

If you’re a newcomer to the game and want to try and gain the upper hand on the table, then we’ve got five different roulette strategies and systems for you to have a look at in this blog post. Bear in mind that you can try these strategies at any classic live roulette UK table.

We’ll explain how to play each roulette strategy, how it works while running through the various pros and cons as well.

Here is a video with an overview of some of these systems.

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

First up, we have the Martingale roulette strategy. This is probably the most commonly used system in the roulette world, and there’s a clear reason for this; it’s simple.

But the fact that is simple comes with a price. It is very risky and the profit you might make is very low.

The concept is that you keep upping your bet whenever you lose, which means you win your money back plus some profit when you eventually win.

immersive roulette with live dealers

How to Play

There are different ways you can approach this system, but the best one is to only bet on options where there’s an almost 50/50 chance of winning. For example, Black or Red, Odd or Even, 1-18 and 19-36. If you keep betting over and over again, your choice is bound to come in at some point.

As for increasing your bets, the general rule of thumb is to double your money. Start with the minimum bet you’re allowed. If you win, then great you can start over from scratch. If you lose double it and keep going. It is a the most famous roulette system, and most people do end up at least getting their money back.

But be aware that you need to have a bankroll to cover a streak of losses. We are giving you a fair warning – don’t make extensive use of it in the long run as it can eliminate your balance quick


  • Easy to understand and no real technical knowledge needed
  • Can be used at any roulette table
  • Less chance of losing money compared to just erratically betting


  • Won’t work effectively if you’ve got a budget – can quickly lose all your money before your bet comes in
  • The odds are always against you because of the green 0 (you have around 47.6% chance of winning each bet)
  • The profit you can make is very low compared to amount you are risking


Next, we have Paroli – sometimes called Paroli progression or Parlay. This is another simple roulette strategy with a lot of strong advantages. It’s easy for you to get to grips with, all you have to do is double your bet when you win, and start over with 1 unit after a loss.

Unlike some other systems, you don’t have to deal with crazy equations or calculations here. Again, you’re placing all of your bets on all the even chance outcomes.

The difference between this and Martingale is that you only double your bet if you win.

How to Play

So, bet 1 unit on red, win the bet, then bet 2 units – and so on. The fact you double your bet when you win means you have the potential to get some big money here. But, the risk of this strategy is that if you use it longterm you might not make any profit

The tricky thing with Paroli is knowing when to stop a winning streak and take home the cash.


  • Betting with one unit means losing streaks aren’t that damaging
  • Can win big when you go on a winning streak
  • A good starter strategy for beginners


  • You will almost certainly lose multiple times
  • All it takes is one loss after a good sequence of wins to take away all your profits


The D’Alembert roulette strategy is slightly more complicated than the previous two. It’s based on the theories of a legendary mathematician and is considered a linear betting system. Again, to go through with this system, you’re only looking at the even chance bets.

How to Play

The system goes a little bit like this:

  • Place your first bet of one unit
  • Increase your bet by one unit when you lose, decrease it by one unit when you win
  • When a net profit is achieved, reset everything and start again with one unit

The whole concept is that you have more chances of winning after a losing streak, so you should bet more. Likewise, there are more chances of losing after you win, which is why it’s smart to reduce your bets after winning to avoid big losses. As a general rule of thumb, most roulette experts say you need a ratio of 2 wins per 5 spins to generate a profit through this system.

Here’s a basic example:

  • Bet 1 unit, lose the bet, you have a profit of -1
  • Bet 2 units, lose the bet, you now have a profit of -3 overall
  • Bet 3 units, lose the bet, you have an overall profit of -6
  • Bet 4 units, win the bet, you now have an overall profit of -2
  • Bet 3 units, win the bet, you now have an overall profit of +1

Hopefully, that’s easy to understand so you can see how the 2 wins per 5 spins ratio works out!


  • Can be done with a small bankroll
  • Is relatively safe compared to other strategies because you never bet all of your winnings
  • Very easy to get to grips with


  • Long losing streaks are likely
  • The odds of making a big profit are low because it’s such a ‘safe’ method

James Bond

The James Bond roulette strategy is remarkably different from the other three roulette techniques. Here, you need at least 200 units to bet with. Instead of betting on the even chances, you’re betting on three different things.

How to Play

It’s fairly simple; 140 units go on 19-36, 50 go on 13-18, and 10 goes on zero. This leads to a number of possible outcomes:

  • If your 19-36 bet comes in, you get an overall profit of 80 units
  • If your 13-18 bet comes in, you get an overall profit of 100 units
  • If your zero bet comes in, you get an overall profit of 160 units

Of course, the obvious issue here is that you can lose money if any numbers from 1-12 come in. But, if this happens, you can combine this with the Martingale strategy and double your bet.

It’s an effective strategy for making a lot of money fast, but you should almost certainly walk away as soon as you hit your profit. Whether that comes in on your first or fifth spin, it doesn’t matter – walk away!


  • You cover a lot of options, so there is a high chance of winning
  • Due to the amount you bet you can win reasonably big right away
  • Doubling your lost bets mean you could recover your losses with one win


  • If you lose you’re instantly down 200 units, and this doubles with every loss after that – can be a long time before a win
  • Not going to work for newbies who don’t have or want to bet that much money

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Lastly, we have the Fibonacci strategy. Right away, we have a good sign as this is widely viewed as the safest system out there. Some will even consider it the best roulette system because of the low risk it involves compared to the others.

So, it’s a good place to start for beginners. It’s all focused on a sequence of numbers where each corresponding number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers.

How to Play

The best way to describe this is by just showing you, so here is the Fibonacci sequence:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89… and so on, you get the picture!

Applying this to roulette is relatively straightforward; you use the numbers in the sequence to determine how many units you bet. So, you start with 1 unit, then 1 unit again, then 2 units, 3, 5, and so on. If you win, then you need to go back two numbers in the sequence and start from there. You’re betting on the even chances here, so keep that in mind.

Again, a visual demonstration is probably easy to understand:

  • Bet 1 unit, lose the bet, balance of -1
  • 1 unit, loss, balance of -2
  • 2 units, loss, balance of -4
  • 3 units, loss, balance of -7
  • 5 units, win, balance of +3
  • (Go back down two numbers in the sequence after a win) 2 units, loss, balance of +1
  • 3 units, loss, balance of -2
  • 5 units, win, balance of +8

You can see from this short example that you’ve lost 6 times out of 8, but ended up with an overall profit of 8 units!


  • Fun way of betting
  • You can win, but you won’t win big
  • A relatively safe system to minimise losses


  • Won’t work in the long run
  • Always the chance of a big losing run

To sum up, you have five roulette strategies that could help you get to grips with this game and pocket a bit of cash. But, be warned, there’s no guarantee you’ll make a profit just by following these roulette tactics.

Any strategy will result in a loss if you get too carried away, so make sure you back out whenever your balance is positive! We also recommend you play at a low stakes roulette table at least until you get familiar with the strategies. Some great low roulette stakes tables include speed roulette, lightning roulette and football roulette.