Live Casinos History

live casinos historyWe all know that gambling in general is a hobby that has been around for a few hundred years and has its origins in ancient Asia. But the story of more mainstream gambling and the way that we know it today begun back in the nineteenth century in North America. Gambling was taking place mainly in bars and boats in the beginning but didn’t take long to become a very successful industry not only in North America but all over the world as soon as the first casino “venues” appeared. Las Vegas is the best example that demonstrates how rapidly successful the industry has been. That is were live casinos history actually begins.

From Casino to Online Casino and Live Casino

Online casinos first appeared about 20 years ago and saw great success straight away. The popularity of online casinos has increased throughout the years and are now considered the No1 destination for online gamblers. As technology developed further, Live Casinos appeared and through live streaming gamblers had the chance to play all their favourite casino games live.

Live Roulette and Live Blackjack for a start, were fresh and exciting news for everyone! The fact that you could play casino games with Live dealers at any time of the day from the comfort of your home was brilliant and casino players couldn’t ask for anything better.

The first Live Casinos that appeared online had just one live dealer available, one table and the live games were available just for a few hours per day. Today there is a large number of tables for each game, different stakes, different live dealers to choose from and live casino games are available for most of the day and night. Some online casinos are also offering features like Blackjack Side Bets etc. Even when there is no Live Dealer, some online casinos will have Live Auto Roulette! So the live casino action can go on for 24/7.

From Live Casinos to Live TV Casinos

The latest trend and expansion of online live casino is Live TV Casino Games. A lot of online casinos offer to their players the chance to play live casino with a live dealer broadcasting on TV. The usual live casino TV game is of course gamblers favourite casino game…Live Roulette!

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