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New bet365 Casino

Bet365 had a very pleasant surprise this week for casino players! A brand new casino website!

***Update: Check out our most recent bet365 live casino review with all the latest features and promotions

Change is always good, especially when we are talking about online casinos. In such a competitive market, remaining static might be the beginning of the end for an online business and online gaming sites are constantly making small or big changes in order to fulfil the needs of existing and potential customers.

Regardless of any forecasts or pre launch tests, the impact of changing a websites appearance is usually unpredictable and sometimes might be risky. This could prove to be a bold and successful move or a total disaster.

Some casino players like more serious looking online casinos, while others prefer online casinos that look more fun. The new bet365 casino now has a bit of both.

The new bet365 casino has neon lights, more casino games, a better menu and a“Las Vegas” feeling!

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A few new features of the Brand New bet365 Casino

The casino games menu has been moved from the top to the left hand side and each game category has its own distinctive icon. Players can see all the available games at a glance at the bottom of the page. The casino promotions page has been improved. Also players have a much better visibility of offers that are available.  These are just some of the changes at the new bet365 casino site. We will let you explore it and discover even more improvements for  yourselves!

The new bet365 live casino

The new live casino looks exactly like the rest of the new bet365 casino and has its own dedicated page. Same colours and same “Las Vegas” feeling,  with less “noise” around it and straight to the point with the faces of the attractive live dealers and table games. You can still play many games at the same time and you can also find easily the bet365 roulette tables.

On the left hand side we can see the Live Casino app that players can download and play Live Casino Games, like Live Roulette and Live Blackjack from their tablet or phone. There is also a box that reminds casino players that bet365 has a VIP scheme that rewards you for playing. Overall, an even better UK Live Casino that could satisfy new and existing players.

We like the new bet365 casino

Definitely a step forward for bet365 casino. The new casino looks more fun, has a better usability for visitors and the “Las Vegas” theme will surely excite most casino players.

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