live casino checklistThe online world is a very entertaining and informative place, however it can be notorious sometimes if you are not careful. Live Casinos are no different to that. Before you start playing at a live casino online you have to check some things, just to make sure you are taking your business to a trustworthy, reliable and genuine live casino operator.

That’s why has created this live casino checklist for you. Just the very basic elements you need to check before you start playing online casino games.

5 Things You need check BEFORE YOU PLAY Casino Online

trusted online casinos

 okReliability and UK Licence: Make sure the online casino you pick is reliable and trustworthy and is holding a UK licence (registered under the Gambling Commission). If the casino is not a well known brand check if it is registered and licensed (usually at the bottom of the home page)  and also if its using a reliable casino software. has done all the hard work for you and is listing only the best UK live casinos online so you can save some time and just pick a live casino from our list :). You can always check other websites that have live casino reviews for a second opinion.

Terms and Conditions

okTerms and Conditions: Check the terms and conditions of the casino before you complete your registration. While most online casinos have similar T’s&C’s there are differences and you never know, you might find something that you don’t like in there. It is very common to just skim through T’s&C’s but we recommend to just make sure you are aware of deposit/withdrawal methods, dispute resolution ways etc. Just do a CTR +F and type the keywords that you are interested in if you don’t want to read the whole document.


okRegistration Details: Check that your registration details are correct and make sure you provide accurate information when you register. It is very important to provide correct personal information for your own benefit. When it comes to withdrawing your winnings from the live casino, if your account is not verified then you wont be able to get your money. The finance department will have to make sure that it is sending the money to the correct person and if the account hasn’t been verified then they cant send you the money.


okPromotions: Check out the live casino bonuses and offers. Some UK live casinos offer more to their players than just a welcome bonus. Weekly or daily bonuses, prizes etc are some of the extras that you can get from some casinos. Make sure you take full advantage of the casino promotions but also make sure you are aware of the T&C’s of the promotions.



okCustomer Service: Check that the customer support of the live casino is available 24/7 via as many channels as possible (phone, email, live chat). This might not seem to be so important but if you have any kind of problems or any questions you  want answers as soon as possible and there is nothing worse than having to wait hours/days for an answer to a simple question.


The above live casino checklist is based on our personal experience with a number of online live casinos. We have also worked for online casinos and we know very well the common issues that might come up and what someone needs to avoid in order to have a pleasant gambling experience online.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

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