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What makes a great live casino

Everybody likes a great live casino! But what are the elements and special features that make a live casino great?

As a player you want to play at a reputable online casino that offers a great overall experience. You are expecting everything to be smooth and easy from registration to verification, game play, paymentsc etc.

But not every online casino is capable of offering all these qualities at the same level. Why?
Sometimes because of lack of resources but sometimes because of lack of budget to invest in every department of the business.

For example some casinos might invest more on their actual website layout, functionality, speed, variety of games etc and not focus so much on customer support. This is not ideal from a player’s point of view.

As an online casino player you want to have the best of everything. A great site, variety of live casino games, 24/7 customer support, easy verification proccess etc.

Of course there are many online live casinos that offer a great service overall. On our site we are listing the best live casinos online that have been proven to an excellent player experience and overall satisfaction.

Main elements that make a great live casino

  • Good reputation and licence from a reputable gambling authority
  • Great variety of live casino games tables and limits
  • Regular casino bonuses and promotions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Big choice of payment methods
  • Fast and straight forward verification and KYC Procedure

Let’s have a look at these in more detail

Good reputation and licence from a reputable gambling authority

Reputation takes a long time to built and can be ruined with just a couple of bad moves. If an online casino has a bad reputation, this happened for a reasona dn usually you can find why if you dig around a bit. A good reputation starts witha licence from a reputable Gambling Authority like the UK Gambling Commmision (UKGC) or The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Some online casinos hold licenses from both authorities in order to operate in different countries.

Great variety of live casino games tables and limits

Every player has individual preferences when it comes to casino games. Casino high rollers want to play on casino tables with high limits, while other players just want to make small bets and play as many rounds as possible. This is why a great live casino is one that has a great varity and range of tables and limits.

24/7 Customer Support

A great live casino has great customer support and great customer support starts with 24/7 availability. The more ways there are to communicate with teh casino the better, Phone, email and live chat are some of the most common ways.

Big choice of payment methods

This is something that is overlooked by many casino players because most players are using a debit card fopr their deposits and withdrawals. However, as we have mentioned befotre a great online live casino has to accomodate all their players, hence they need to have a big range of different payment methods to choose from.

Fast and straight forward verification and KYC Procedure

A good online casino has a straightforward, easy and safe verification procedure. Verification or KYC ( know your customer) procedures require verifying some personal details via sending documents over to the online casinos, hence security and trust is a must. The easier the procedure is the more safe a player feels and casinos with a reliable and fast procedure are the ones that gain reputation points in this case.