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Royal Panda casino player goes to Las Vegas

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royal panda casinoRoyal Panda casino player Mikael from Sweden seems to be born lucky after he collected a stunning $229,000 in Live Roulette winnings at Royal Panda. The 56-year-old gambler also earned a whole bunch of Loyal Panda Points, which he used wisely. Together with his ex-girlfriend he visited the world’s most famous gambling city, Las Vegas, after redeeming his Loyal Panda Points.

The Swedish Royal Panda casino player enthusiast plans to use his winnings to settle some debts, while he also intends to invest in Ericsson stocks. Mikael loves to play at Royal Panda  live casino because of many reasons, including the professional staff, tremendous gambling repertoire, and transparent look & feel. The 56-year-old considers the international online casino as one of the best gambling sites around.

True love never grows old

As mentioned, Mikael enjoyed a holiday to Las Vegas together with his ex-partner. That relationship dates back to 1983, and the couple visited the world-famous boulevard, which features many impressive casino’s. Needless to say that Mikael tried his luck at one of the many roulette tables in the American gambling hub.

royal panda casino player goes to Las Vegas

How did this Royal Panda player win

The 56-year-old gambler didn’t use any specific strategy during his incredible run of good luck at Royal Panda’s Live Roulette table. Mikael added that both 8 and 35 are his favourite numbers. Another Royal Panda casino player earned a $377k fortune whilst playing Live Roulette at Royal Panda in August. Or how about Blazej, who scooped a whopping $90k in cash courtesy of Royal Panda Live Roulette.