» 5 Common Roulette Superstitions

5 Common Roulette Superstitions

roulette superstitions

Many casino players believe in superstitions. Some of them admit it and some don’t but the fact is that there are a few roulette superstitions.

Gamblers in general are known for being superstitious with a number of things like specific numbers, black cats etc. There are superstitions for every casino game but gamblers tend to be more superstitious with games that involve numbers.

Let’s have a look at the most common superstitions that casino players have about roulette. But before that here is a very common joke about gambling superstitions:

Two gamblers were talking. One turned to the other and asked:

Are you superstitious?

His friend replied:

I used to be but then I heard it was unlucky so I stopped

Roulette Superstitions

Lucky Numbers

This is the most common superstition amongst roulette players as they believe that their lucky number will appear sooner or later and will guarantee them some winnings.

Betting on Numbers that haven’t won

This is another very common superstition between roulette players. This is a superstitions that applies to all gambling games that involve numbers. From a first glance, this theory has some mathematical logic however, we should consider the fact that every spin is independent and every number has the same chances to appear again and again.

Lucky Roulette Dealers

Some gamblers have their lucky live dealers and play only with them either online or in land based casinos.


Some Roulette players believe in roulette trends and they place their bets accordingly. If for example the spin brings 5 black numbers in a row or 5 odd numbers in a row then they will bet on the opposite outcome.

Lucky Charms

This is a very common superstition that most gamblers don’t admit that they believe in. A lot of Roulette players, have a lucky charm that they carry with them when playing roulette as they believe it brings them good luck.