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Martingale Roulette Betting System


The Martingale Roulette betting system is one of the most widespread betting strategies due to its simplicity of use. This betting strategy was named after John Henry Martingale who owned reputable gambling houses in Great Britain during the 1700s.

The concept behind the Martingale Roulette betting system is developed from the theory that it is not possible for anyone to lose many bets repeatedly. Since it is a negative progression system, a player reduces the number of bets after a win and increases them after a loss in order to make up for the loss.

 Many live casino players are using the Martingale and other systems when they are playing live roulette online because they prefer to have a betting system even if they are playing purely for leisure.

Variations of the Martingale Roulette Betting System

There are a couple of variations to this type of system each with different ways of winning that are briefly described below.

Great (Grand) Martingale

The Great Martingale roulette betting system requires players to double up a stake as well as adding an extra unit increasing the number of units after a loss. The player is then able to eventually increase the number of units in case of a loss. This is advantageous over the other system as it rewards a player much better after a win.

This system is therefore a better choice for gamblers looking for greater returns to their bets.


Classic Martingale

This is the original betting system in which players double their wager after encountering a loss or else reducing it after a win.

In this system a player is required to place a bet on a specific colour, for example a red or a black colour. Of all other numbers in the wheel (18 for every colour) a player makes a loss after hitting either 0 or 00 and wins a bet after hitting either of the colours.


This system favours players in circumstances through which they are lucky to make consecutive wins. Unlike the Martingale system where a player doubles up a stake in case of a loss, a player increases a stake after a series of wins in the Anti-Martingale betting system.

It is due to this fact that the system is also known as a Reverse Martingale as it has the opposite concept of the Martingale system.

Mini Martingale

This system shares many similarities with the classic variation except that when a player loses a bet, the player confines himself to the number of times he or she will bet twice in a row.

Compared to the classic system, a player is able to save some losses that could have been made in case of continuous losses. The other advantage is that players lose money slowly also because they increase number of bets gradually. This makes the Mini Martingale a better choice when it comes to the short term.


Advantages of The Martingale Roulette Betting System

The martingale roulette system is convenient for armatures and beginners as it prevents them from making a huge loss in the short term. As a negative progression system, players increase bets gradually to avoid loss in a short amount of time.

Players also increase their chances of winning a bet in the short term as long as the player does not make consecutive losses.

Disadvantage of The Martingale Roulette Betting System

The main disadvantage of the martingale roulette system is that a player can never be so sure of winning. Players may therefore encounter a series of losses before finally making a win, making them to eventually lose a large sum of money as the returns are far less than the amount lost. Casinos therefore set table limits so that players can be stopped from making consecutive wins and loss.

*All betting systems involve some kind of risk and Best UK Live Casinos recommends casino players to gamble responsibly.