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Live Roulette History

The earliest form of roulette was introduced in the 17th century by Blaise Pascal. It was a combination of English wheel games, an Italian parlour game and a French board game. There are records of a live roulette wheel existing in the Palais Royal as early as 1796.

The early roulette wheels used during this time had red for the solitary numbers and black for the double numbers.

American roulette tires, as seen in 1886, had numbers 1 to 28, as well as a single no, a double no, and an American Bald eagle. These wheels included only numbered slots, and have since been discarded. Tires with Bald eagle are extremely rare nowadays, with only less than half-a-dozen existing.

Roulette is becoming more popular in the 19th century

In the 19th century, playing live roulette spreads fast all over Europe and U.S., becoming one of the most popular casino games. Widespread cheating by both casino players led to the wheel being placed on an open table to avoid gadgets being hidden behind the table or wheel. The wagering style was also simplified.

Currently, the American type of live roulette dominates in casinos all around the world. However, the European style roulette provides better odds for winning since it only has one zero slot while the American roulette has an extra slot marked double zero.

Roulette goes Online

There has also been a rise in the popularity of online casinos that enable players to play their favourite games over the internet. Online casinos offer popular traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and video poker.

Online roulette provides players with plenty of entertainment and exciting game experience. The game rules are simple and easy to understand and are the same as in any land based casino.

From RNG to Live Roulette

The online platform for live roulette is user-friendly and very interactive. When you play live online roulette, you place your chips by clicking on the number you want to bet on then clicking on the icon for spinning the wheel.

 When playing online roulette, all aspects of the game are controlled by a computer program that generates all events and results randomly. The game can be played by all kinds of players due to its simplicity and exciting features. The leading online casinos offer live online roulette that you can play with live dealers from your computer.

If you want to enjoy live online roulette and win big, you have to first register with an online casino. Registration is a fairly easy process and some online casinos give a bonus to new players. Many of the leading online casinos are safe and secure since they use encrypted technology for their transactions.

This means that your money and personal details are not in danger of being accessed by unauthorized people. Furthermore, online casinos usually have a range of payment options that you can use to your convenience.