itv roulette

itv rouletteThere are just a few UK Casinos that offer the additional benefit to their players to play live roulette online and be able to watch it live on TV. Jackpot247 Casino is one of the TV Live Casinos offering this benefit to their players by broadcasting their Live Roulette tables 6 night a week Monday to Saturday on ITV. Some call it ITV Roulette, some jackpot 247 ITV while other will just refer to it as just roulette on TV.  ITV roulette has become very popular recently because more and more people have discovered it and realised how much fun it is compared to playing roulette with a software. Someone can play ITV roulette from their smartphone or tablet, so there is no need to sit in front of your computer. Chill on the sofa or even in bed, place your bets from your iPhone or Android and just watch the results on TV!

How you can play itv roulette

So you are watching live roulette on ITV and want to become part of the action? Want to see your nickname on the screen? All you need to do in order to start playing ITV roulette is to open an account with Jackpot247 casino.

itv_rouletteThe registration process is very easy and fast and will take you just a few minutes to complete. You can use a number of payment methods to fund your account including Paypal.

Once you register your account and a payment method, you can deposit some money and you are ready to play live roulette and watch it on your TV!

The ITV roulette presenter

There are different presenters on that present the ITV live roulette. Whoever the presenter is he or she makes sure that players are getting entertained and having a great time watching and playing roulette. The presenter is welcomes new players by their nickname one by one, is explains the basics of the roulette game including types of bets, minimum bets etc, is announces and congratulates the winners of each spin and in general creates a very entertaining atmosphere. The only negative of ITV roulette is that it is an auto roulette game and the presenter is just a presenter of the game and not live dealer.