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bet365 Exclusive Live Casino Tables

bet365 live casino is one of the most popular casinos with live dealer online and they couldn’t not have some exclusive tables!

These exclusive tables can only be found at bet365 live casino and some of them have the bet365 logo on the background and 365 themed cards.

At the time of writting there are 21 bet365 exclusive live casino tables. These include games like bet365 Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Live Slots!

Let’s have a look at these tables in more detail.

bet365 Exclusive Live Blackjack Tables

Currently there are 12 bet365 blackjack tables.

These are:

  • bet365 blackjack 1 and 2

These are standar 7 seater blackjack tables with minimum bet of £10 and maximum £750.

  • bet365 Premium BJ 1-10

These are 10 different live blackjack tables with various limits and bets from starting from £10 to £50 minimum and going up to £1000 maximum.

All the blackjack tables are 7seater with the option to bet behind other players when the table is full.

bet365 Exclusive Live Roulette Tables

Currently there are 2 exclusive bet365 Roulette tables

  • bet365 Roulette

A classic roulette tables with minimum bet £0.50 and maximum bet £50.

  • bet365 Premium Roulette

This is another classic live roulette table but the minim bet is £1 this time, Maximum is still £50.

bet365 Exclusive Live Baccarat Tables

There are currently 3 exclusive baccarat tables. These are all classic baccarat games with minimum bet £10 and maximum bet £1,000.

  • bet365 Baccarat
  • Golden Speed Baccarat
  • Golden Dragon Baccarat

Dont forget that you can play Multi Casino Games at bet365 which means that you can play on up to 3 tables on the same screen!